Friday, January 30, 2009

Now THIS Is Change I Can Believe In!!

If you hear squeals of delight, it's just me. I am THRILLED about the RNC's election of Michael Steele as Chairman. This guy knows how to get things done, even when facing strong opposition from Democrats. He served as Maryland's first Republican Lieutenant Governor from 2003-2007. He was unsuccessful in his 2006 run for Senate, but I voted for him.
Congrats and Good Luck to Mr. Steele!


Rachel T. said...

Well lets hope it helps us out, we all know we could use some change for good!

Sue said...

I'm glad to hear that you know something about him firsthand and feel good about him. I am hoping we can improve the balance of power in the Senate and the House a bit in 2010! (If this "stimulus" package goes the way I fear it will, that shouldn't be too hard...)

mom said...


Y'all know I do not live in Maryland (y'all gave it away, huh?). But, I really like this guy. I actually met him with Natalie in the mall one day a couple of years ago. I watched him for a long time while we were there....genuine. That is a one word, "what did you think" answer. One thing for sure that I know, he is on Fox News opposed MNSBC and CNN! Works for me! Go Michael Go!

KC Mom said...

Positive news is good!

L said...

Girl, we have a uni-mind!

Shauna said...

Yahoo!!! It gives me some hope.

Carly said...

It is lovely to see something that makes you happy Natalie,

Where do I begin to thank you for the most beautiful comment on my blog. Thank you for letting me know that it is ok to vent.

I saw something today that made me so angry. A pregnant woman (8 months) she was standing outside her house watering her plants as obviously she wanted them to grow healthy and strong. I said to Sam - "look at that gorgeous pregnant women" just as I said that she put her cigarette in her mouth and puffed away. This women cared more for her plants than her unborn baby. She gave me the dirtiest look at the same time.

I was beside myself.

I calmed down after I read out my feelings to Sam.

Don't get me wrong I get the fact that quitting smoking is hard. Seriously though if you can't quit don't get pregnant.... or at least don't stand proud in your front yard for everyone to see you.

Anyway that is what made me furious today. All I could think of was all the women who can't conceive a life let alone bring one home from hospital. And I think of all us Mums who did everything right and our babies died.

Its not fair. I just pray that her precious baby is born whole healthy and happy.

Thank you for allowing me to vent on here. You are too beautiful Natalie.

Love to you


Mariel said...

amen, sista.