Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Snarky Mama!!

Loyal, Beautiful, Sassy, Surprisingly Vulnerable, Witty, Intelligent,
Entirely too Critical of Self, Devoted, Faithful, Brave, Classy

A statistical anomaly. You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
But, one day, I will tell you.

This is the woman you want in your corner. She would fight to the death for you, and ask questions later. She has sacrificed much in her life. Her dreams?
Well for many years, those belonged solely to her children.
Children who love their mother deeply....

A daughter: she taught me to stand firm, to never allow the winds of this world to sway me, she taught me charm and wit, courage and steadfastness, she taught me the importance of telling others they are beautiful
(because what if no one else does),
she instilled in me a love of reading and education,
she believes I can do anything

A son: his mother is his angel, she taught him to value himself, to be okay with marching to the beat of his own drum, she picked her battles with this one and I believe it saved his life, she taught him that if you are doing your best (not someone else's best),
that is all that matters and
you should be proud of the man you are

A son: she taught him strength and courage, his mother taught him that no matter where life takes you, you can always come home, she knows how capable this son is and incessantly reminds him (even though it irritates him to no end),
these two don't believe it, but they are more alike than any of us

And then there is her husband: he worships the ground she walks on,
she is fully herself with him, comfortable in her own skin with him,
they have trudged through the thick and thin of it all.
They are finally writing their story now.
All the kids are grown, and now is their time to embrace.
I couldn't be any happier about that.

I am amazed by my mother's ability to give and give and give.....
often to people who neither acknowledge her,
nor intend to ever return the giving.
Some days I stay infuriated with her because of this behavior.
But deep down, I know it is her greatest Christlike attribute.

Years ago, I would have written off the very people she so willingly and graciously serves.
I have often chastised her for remaining so true...questioning her...
smarting off that she is like a whipped puppy always going back for more.
But today, as I think on these things, I realize I may be wrong.
Maybe she has been blessed with a unique ability to love,
even when that love is uncomfortable and unbelievably difficult.
She loves because (even when it is most painful to do so) it's the right thing to do.
I appreciate her reminding me.

I love you Snarky Mama, have a fabulous day!


emily said...

i love hearing about snarky mamma!
and no, it's not weird to like makeup;-) what i forgot to add to my makeup post was that i still enjoy throwing it on the blank canvass for a big night out on the town every so often, so i totally get that part;-) and during the week, the red lipstick surely fills that void b.c like i said, it totally doesn't count as makeup;-)

Rachel T. said...

Awww now that a mom needs to hear. Talk about amazing! I hope you have a wonderful bday snarky momma, you have done one amazing job with this kiddo of yours thats for sure. Natalie has always been one amazing woman, and I know the apple does not fall far from the tree!

mom said... that I can finally see through tears! All I can think to say is, "thank you, Natalie, thank you and I love you."
The ABSOLUTE BEST birthday present you could have ever given me! Ever,
other than your just being you.
p.s. I am reeeeaaaaally glad the whole "make-up" thing had not already happened earlier when I read this! :)

Nat said...

Yep, I wanted to make sure I caught you pre-makeup...I knew you'd cry, and didn't want to be held responsible for messing up things up!

MammaWarrior said...

Your snarky mamma is sooooo lucky to have a daughter like you!! Happy birthday Snarky Mamma~
Natalie, thank you for your words of wisdom. I thought the idea of the world moving on without Grace now was crazy sounding. I am thrilled I am not the only one!
I am getting a little excited (actually more than i thought) but still walking lightly on my bereaved heart. Grace suffered so bad the time she was in the NICU. I just want to give this baby my heart without any cautious with holding. I had posted a video of Grace before she died on my blog. I hope you go see her. She was amazing and the thought of her watching over me does help!
Many hugs to you, your mom and your beautiful family!!!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful tribute. I love your writing!

Esther said...

Usually I am a closet snarky reader. I love the way you write and express yourself. But I don't usually coment. I couldn't however let miss Cathy's birthday go by without saying how much I love her too. I can never express how much of a comfort she was to me and my family while we lived in MS. She felt like a friend that I had had forever. I now live in MD- and live far away from her...but I miss her and will always love her. Happy Birthday Cathy- you deserve the best.

KC Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Happy Birthday Snarky Momma!! I'm a huge fan of the one who raised such an awesome girl. There are many qualities and paralles in her life that remind me of my mom and me.
Hope it's the best year of all!!

Valsy said...

Your parents look as beautiful as ever.

Amy said...

Natalie, Mark and I have been loyal readers since your blog started. We love it! This is such a beatiful tribute to your wonderful mom. We love her too and feel blessed to know her. Happy Birthday!

Forester Family said...

Ah!! So true about your amazing mom. I love it and it is a great thing to reflect on. Thanks for that! You are an amazing writer. Love, Patsy

Laretha said...

AH, happy birthday snarky mom! What an inspiration you are to those of us still bringin up our brood!

mom said...

I am so touched...thank you everyone. I am just so incredibly grateful for each of you and the role you play, individually and collectively, in Natalie's life and mine.
Natalie...again, wow...thank you!
I am truly humbled. I really don't know what else to say. What a wonderful birthday present!
Love you....

(Oh, except for one more thing, isn't Natalie's dad cute...the silver fox!) :)

Jacki Hanks said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!
I love her, she is a doll!

Kim said...

I know I'm a little late to this posting party, but I LOVED your tribute to your mom! I agree that she is one amazing woman and I have always appreciated her listening ears and open arms. Hope her birthday was wonderful, we had so much fun with her last Friday night, the only thing that would have made it better was if YOU Miss Natalie, had been there!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful and absolutely correct. She is everything you wrote and more...I know that because she is my dearest
life long friend and we all are blessed by having her in our lives.
You continue to invigorate
and calm all who read your words. You go girl...