Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Set Free

This is going to surprise some of you. Are you ready? I've not always been the unintimidated, soul-bearing girl you find here. If you asked, I wouldn't be able to pinpoint one specific moment when all of that changed. I believe it has been a process, a refiner's fire of sorts. I do know that over the years, I grew weary of not feeling comfortable in my own skin, weary of caring (too much) what everyone thought of me.

I grew up around many who believe that most things are better left unspoken. Conversations are comfortable as long as they remain centered around only the most benign of topics.
It reminds me of the penguins in the movie Madagascar:
"Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave."
For many years, I honestly believed something was wrong with me because
I didn't think that way.

Now I know. Nothing is wrong with me. I have realized that speaking up does not mean you are irrational. I have learned that standing up for someone else does not mean you are angry and/or overly emotional. I also understand that feeling sorrow and pain, with all of its ugliness, does not mean you are weak, teetering on the brink of insanity.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in feeling passionate about this life and its many experiences. With this knowledge has come great peace. I find it humorous when people assume that my passion makes me stressed, unsettled, or anxious, etc. It is actually quite the opposite. I have never felt so free, so exactly on the path to becoming the woman I am meant to be.

Someone asked Snarky Mama what her daughter's blog was about. About? Life. Every bit of it...politics, fun, sorrow, joy, fear, peace, food, families, the happy, the crappy, and everything in between. That's what this blog is about. It's about courage. It's about the confidence that flourishes and thrives when you find a safe place to speak, to stand up for what you believe, or to share laughs and tears.

Together, we smile and wave on the days we can.
Other days, we stand for what we believe in.
Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry.
But regardless of the topic, together we are being set free.


mom said...

Another home run!
Actually, I said..."Snarky-Belle, well she is my little chameleon of life! She pretty much paints the colors of life, changing and different every day."

Of course, they had seemed so excited to hear all about "the family" and see all your pictures. Boy, did I laugh.

Let me repeat myself...."changing and different"....but one heck of a good read and ride!

Snarkettes...you have NO idea what this process of transformation has been...kind of like the changing of water to wine. I am so thankful she finally unlocked the silence of her heart!

So......readers...drink up and enjoy!

karen said...

I am applauding. I look for blogs to read that are real and have honest emotion - warts and all. I think, as women, it's important to support & buoy each other up in the hard times - as well as cheer on what's good and joyous. I love that you've found your voice. I am finding mine, and slowly gaining an understanding that there's a real difference between truth speaking, and simply being mean. I'm learning that it's OK to stand up for what I believe in, even when those around me disagree. Sometimes it's scarey, but I'm learning. Thanks for your blog - I look forward to reading it every day! And thank you for your kind comments on mine. I think of you as a friend.

Rachel T. said...

I love your new headline, it looks awesome. No one has a more enjoyable blog than you Nat. You tell it how it is better than anyone I know. I love it!

emily said...

love it as usual natalie. plus, i was totally needing this today. i was thinking about your blog today as i was putting away some laundry. so strong was what came to mind. you are such a strengthening woman, and i appreciate it so much in my life right now. strength to be me, take it or leave it folks;-)

Anonymous said...

To :The flat ass bobble head bitch that runs this lame ass blog , Karma is coming for your ass ugly bitch!!!

Natalie said...

Well, at least this anonymous reader called me "flat" ass and not fat ass! :)

Little Brother said...

WOW,"anonymous", what guts we have. You would be the typical individual that would join a conversation as "anonymous". Why don't you stand up and be thick skinned and actually join the conversation. Don't worry it's expected of people like you to fuss, moan, and complain but yet never come out from behind your curtain of security. Please remember, you may have an opinion, but MANY MANY people stand behind "Snarky-Belle" and her beliefs. Beliefs that someone of you limited intelligence could never understand. Here I will put that in a sentence you can understand: Beliefs you are too IGNORANT to understand. PS..... get some guts if you are going to join in and comment publicly not as "anonymous".

Natalie said...

Thanks Little Brother..you may be 10 years younger, but I'm pretty sure that your 6'5" and 255 pound self isn't "little". :) I love you.

And dear readers, if you care to hear more from my anonymous fan, just go to http://snarky-belle.blogspot.com/2009/01/few-months-ago-princie-for-new-readers.html and read the very last comment. Oh so loverly.

Sue said...

(Geez. A sniper in our midst.)

I happen to love your blog, Natalie...and, even if I didn't agree with you (which I often do), I would find your openness refreshing.

So keep on keepin' on...because it's working for you... and for the vast majority of your readers, me included!


mom said...

Told you the "bobble heads" were a good idea! You NEVER listen to me!:)
Oh my gosh. Isn't it amazing...the vile and vicious words that truly courageous people have loaded in their arsenal when they can hide behind the "anonymous" label?!! Wow...you are one gutsy person! Just the kind I would want on my side!

Snarky-I know you HATE when we give such nimrod pinheads any air time...but every now and then I need to have a little fun!

Mama Snarky's word for the day:
ANONYMOUS: "LACKING INDIVIDUALITY OR PERSONALITY"....mmmmmm sound like anyone we know?

Pretty much sums it up doesn't it? And by the way "anonymous Einstein"..that is straight out of Webster's Dictionary...but, you probably are not familiar with those, now, are you?

Karma? Are you kidding...the Gods have so blessed Snarky and there is such an amazing fortress of positive, beautiful people who love and support her. Clearly evident...true Karma has already found Snarky.

Should your little imposter negative "Karma" friend show her ugly face...she would only get the everloving holy ____
kicked right out, which is exactly what I am praying the Gods make certain happens to you, FREAK!

For something so "lame"(lame-makes weak or inneffective)Sure does get a rise out of you, doesn't it! and YOU are STILL reading...

To Sweet Little Brother(a.k.a. The Gentle Giant...gentle to those he loves) ...like I have said before under similar circumstances-

To Anonymous:
Pray to all that is holy that little brothers 1 and 2 NEVER cross your path, one is 6'5 and bench presses 410 lbs without grunting and the other one is not quite so big, but he is freakin' crazy...neither of which you will find attractive when you cross someone they love! Oh, but then they won't know WHO you are...wait, I guess they can just look for the spineless yellow belly and they will be good to go!

KC Mom said...

And it's about the facts! I get so tired of hearing one side of the political story in the media. When I read your posts, it gives me hope that someone out there still believes in the same things I believe in.
Whoa...anonymous...do you kiss your mama with that mouth?

Shauna said...

Man...! Great post.. I think there is nothing more empowering than being true to yourself and standing up for what you believe in. I love your honesty and that your real. I love to know that there are other who believe as I do. I love how you can put my thoughts so beautifully in words. And for the chicken sh@$^% anonymous writer..I second what little brother said...at least snarky stands proud of who she is and isn't afraid to speak even if what she has to say isn't always popular! That is more than you could ever say.

caitsmom said...

Everyone should find their voice and contribute to the conversation!

emily said...

ehem, i'm catching my breath, then my eyes get REALLY big, then i chuckle a little b/c of your soooo snarky bellish;-) comment in reply. i love that mr/mrs anonymous (although i picture them as a mr, why, i don't know, maybe b/c i can't imagine a woman doing that to another woman), anyway, i think it's rather ironic that the he/she hates your blog so much they took the time to comment! i mean geese, i can't get some of my regulars to comment on mine! ;-) btw, enter my giveaway so i can send you some yummy treats!!! keep on snarkin' girl, you make my day:-) and yes, it feels like i've known you for years. don't you just live down the street;-)j/k but it feels like that!

-clevergirl said...

WOW Natalie, that anoymous coward really likes the fact that she can hide behind her anonimity, too bad you and I both know that whenever someone makes a comment it records there IP address. OOPS!

-clevergirl said...

WOW Natalie, that anoymous coward really likes the fact that she can hide behind her anonimity, too bad you and I both know that whenever someone makes a comment it records there IP address. OOPS!

Sarah said...

It's funny to me that if anonymous would even post on your blog if she hated it so much! That would mean he/she would have to be reading/following, it right? I thought the internet was really simple if you didn't like something, go to another web page, with just one click of a button.

I believe that if people are talking about you, good or bad, at least your worth talking about! :)

You are freaking awesome and I love your blog.

mom said...

Proof....people who love Snarky are coming out of the woodwork! Thanks for furthering the cause, "A-non!"
Yeah....Sarah's here! Now that is really unlocking the silence! :):)

Valsy said...

You have a flat ass? Join the club, as my mother would say. :)How come you have been hiding your bobble head skills from me, one of your BFF?
Love you.

emily said...

sidenote: i think you need a button
try http://www.simplyyoursdesigns.com/
she is my friend from college and is SOOOO much less expensive than other sites!

L said...

Oh, I love your "unlocking the silence" at the bottom of this post! My pastor calls anonymous notes "drive by letters". That's funny! I love how you handle it. Seriously, flat ass...hehehe