Friday, January 30, 2009

Sharing the Link Love

I'm feelin' a little linky today.....

Dear Bakerella and Ms.Betty,
Eleven Year Old thanks you. My tastebuds thank you. My waistline...not so much thankin' you.
Lovely to look at, so delicious, and oh my gosh...the ganache!

Please read this! I know it's long. But, it's also worth your time. I promise.

Lastly, it always makes me smile when hypocrisy is unmasked.

Happy Friday Snarkettes!


Sue said...

Great links. And I am in total agreement with Dodd! Obama is rapidly using up his honeymoon bank account with me.

As for the link on hypocrisy, I'm sorry to say that I'm not surprised. Did you notice that when Obama froze his staff's salaries the newsperson asked the press secretary if "the president's salary" would be frozen as well? Needless to say, Gibbs dodged the question.

Very frustrating. And I'm disappointed that Obama didn't get rid of all the pork in that outlandish stimulus package...or at least a good portion of it. In times like these, I was almost foolish enough to think he would.

And the senate/congress too. These guys need to get serious. This economy is not a joking matter!

KC Mom said...

I'm soooo making those brownies.

That article you sent was well written and easy to understand. I think everyone should read it.

I think you've found a fellow snark friend in Michelle. Smart gal.

mom said...

Love the Michelle Malkin link....

So, did you see the Prez chillin' and all kicked back in his "shirt sleeves" in the big "O" office? A big no-no until "too cool" took over. Must be the "under 30 college crowd" he wants to impress..also could explain why he has to keep the heat turned up...a person can catch a cold, he's so cool. Next all the women will have the "detail" scarf around their necks and the men will have "letters" on their cardigans!

Yep, just the image I want portrayed from the White is still called that isn't it....I'm just asking.