Sunday, January 18, 2009

Every Cloud, Does in Fact, Have a Silver Lining

I've never been a fan of the phrase, "Save the Drama for Your Mama".
Seriously, why should Mamas have all the fun?
I think the drama in households should be shared.

Needless to say, I could have jumped for joy when I recently heard the Captain tell Ten year old to "Save the Drama for Obama"...fanFREAKINtastic!! The Captain didn't think much of it, he was just being his usual sarcastically funny self.

A few days later, Ten year old was watching tv and saw a news report about some "Notes to Obama" something or other. What I heard was more along these lines: blah, blah, blah followed by indistinct babblings (insert voice of Charlie Brown's teacher).

And then it hit me! It was as though the heavens opened. The Obama cloud currently hovering over my head was now shining a glorious silver lining. Beautiful.

I remembered what the Captain had said, "Save the Drama for Obama". Since our soon to be President has promised, in essence, to save the world, why shouldn't I get a piece of the action? In his acceptance performance, did he, or did he not, commit to being my President too??? Oh yeah baby, he certainly did.

He also believes in spreading the wealth around. Well, on any given day, I have a wealth of whining, fussing and drama in my household. Now, I'm not complaining, I wouldn't trade my life for the world. Just sayin', if the guy wants to spread something around, I'm open to sharing my wealth of household drama.

So, I like the "Notes to Obama" idea. From now on, when my children have a complaint, or feel the need to whine, they will be instructed to write it down on a slip of paper. Their papers will be dropped in a box I have labeled "Save the Drama for Obama". Once a month, we'll mail the notes to Pennsylvania Avenue. If he is truly the chosen one (as so many want me to believe he is) he won't mind my sharing of the wealth, now will he?


Anonymous said...

What a plan! I only wish I still had kids at home so I could give it a try...
not much drama around my house any more with just me and the old man!

(It's Sue. I'm in Utah for a wedding this weekend and can't figure out how to post in any other way than this from the son's computer.) =)

emily said...


Aubrey said...

That is spectacular. I love it!!!

RitterB's said...

BeauTIful!!! I read this Amazing idea as I listen to my kids in the kitchen knee deep in WW III! (pause as I instuct the children in their punishment...i.e. letter writing)
Do you hear that??????? Silence... The yet the whining is still being heard. Cheers Obama!

6 year old claims he cant spell... Stretch the letters out. Maybe there is someone in the White house that can read phonics.

Carly said...

Works for me! I'm going to start mailing Obama requests to fix ALL my problems:
"Dear Mr. President--My dishwasher is leaving spots and Jet Dry isn't fixing them, what do you suggest?"
"Dear Mr. President--I'm trying to watch the news for real information and all they talk about is your stupid new dog, can you send the CIA to bust some heads?"
Dear Mr. President, I can do this all day...

karen said...

And don't forget "Dear Mr. Obama: I'm confused about priorities. The news media is touting your wife, Michelle, as the fresh, new influence in the fashion world. Will this bring world peace, fix the economy, and make healthcare affordable? Just asking..."

Carly said...

Awesome idea!