Monday, January 19, 2009

Let It Go People

I find it interesting when politicians focus on the failures of others, rather than what they have to offer. It's only January 20th. I've never been more thankful to be unaffiliated with a political party. Thus far, I have only heard Democrats making excuses for everything they won't be able to accomplish. Maybe they could at least try first? Blame, that's all I hear. Nothing about what the Democrats are offering. It's all about Bush-bashing...still about the Bush-bashing! Get over it. The guy's leaving. You won. You have it all. You control everything, and you are still whining! I seriously can't take it. I am realizing just how much I loathe whiners.

And oh did I call it a few months ago, or what? Allow me to quote myself: "The Democrats are already setting the stage for the big win. If they have control of the House, Senate, and the Oval Office every problem will still be pinned on Republicans. I am not saying the Republicans are without faults. They have plenty. Here I am pointing out that the Democrats will do nothing more than fuss about how the Republicans left such a huge mess for them. That's just not true; however, spending hours on Capitol Hill rehashing how everyone else has failed is easier than stepping up with real solutions. The thing is, you have to pull your thumb outta your mouth, and choose to act rather than sit in a corner and whine about how the world has wronged you!"

I have heard all I want to hear about this administration inheriting nothing but disaster from the Bush administration. That's false. We have a system of checks & balances. Nothing can be completely one man's fault. Congress has their hands in everything!! Inheriting two wars? Those are wars Democrats in Congress ok'd. And I do not want to hear another congressperson say something like this: "if I had known then, what I know now, I never would have voted for the war." Oh really Einstein, now that's profound. That completely restores my confidence in you. Thanks.

I disagree with many things Bush has done. But, he dealt with tragedies never before faced by this country. And, I don't recall Bush blaming 9/11 on the fact that Clinton was often dealing with distractions very much unrelated to Bin Ladin and other terrorists. Things such as the major distraction who was wearing a blue dress. (Excuse me while I take off on a you also pin Katrina on Bush? Do you live in an area that was devastated by that monstrous storm? No? Then you don't have enough facts to judge what happened. I know what happened. My family felt its effects. Nobody was prepared for that destruction. And sometimes people have to help themselves while waiting for the government to step in. The mayor of New Orleans FAILED miserably!)

Okay, back from the tangent. I would just like to hear our new leaders tell us what they plan to do. All I hear is blame. You asked for the jobs, and you assured the American public that you are the men and women best suited for those jobs. If you can't handle the pressure, I am sure you could find a replacement. And while I am on a roll...Nancy Pelosi, you are a complete and utter embarrassment. Stop whining about Bush, put your big girl panties on and get to work. You've already wasted two years. And if you want to gripe about someone, how about your pal Barney Frank? I would love for him and other of your cohorts to take accountability for their roles in this economic mess!!

The new administration is already paying special attention to 216 "elite donors", people who have raised tens of millions for Obama's campaign and inaugural activities as well. Local airports have shut down entire runways to make room for the parking of their private jets. These CEOs and Hollywood stars were given VIP seating at the "We Are One" concert. "We Are One"? Really? Tell it to the people from the projects a few streets over, the ones who walked and then stood for hours in bitter cold just to catch a glimpse of the man who has promised them the world. Do you think they somehow didn't notice the stretch limos? Maybe they also didn't notice the men and women stepping out of those limos, being escorted to their heated tent with catered food.

Now, come on. These behaviors would be expected from the likes of elitist, cold-hearted, money-grubbing Republicans. But, this behavior from a new Democratic administration? And from the wise, do-gooding Hollywoodites. Well, I am just ashamed. But, happy to hear that we are one. That's good news.

All of my frustrations do not fall at the feet of our new President. He is a politician. He spoke words necessary to be elected. He says he is against special interest groups, but he will always take their cash. Politicians do what they do, and unfortunately the vast majority (regardless of party affiliation) do things dishonestly. They are people, that's all, just people. And we know power corrupts people. So, how can I be frustrated only with our President? I'm not.

Although one media outlet did report on the 216 "elite donors", they followed with something like: "We'll just have to see how this plays out". What? If these were Republicans, they would be on the hunt with torches and pitchforks. And what about the dude who made that $34 grand "honest" tax mistake? If he were a Republican it wouldn't be viewed as such a benign oversight. The media would have fried him.

And then, there's Hollywood. Yuck. Why do sheeple give the political opinions of celebrities such credence? These are men & women who make their fortunes pretending to be someone they aren't. And while many of them are unbelievably fantastic at it, and I enjoy watching them, it ends there. They do not possess the answers to life's mysteries or the power to save the world.

I committed a few months ago to respect the office of President. I plan on keeping my word. But, I have little respect for the media, and even less for Hollywood. It makes me literally nauseous.

I'm working on letting it all go. I need my sleep.


Laretha said...


KC Mom said...

Love ya.

mom said...

I think you just explained everything I feel. I don't think my problem is the soon to be new President, but the hypocrites who surround him. I think the good in him is clouded with their (my new favorite phrase of yours) "haze of hypocrisy."

All I can say is....."God Bless America".....please.

Shauna said...

Big girl panties! I love it, you crack me up! The highlight of the next 4 years might just be reading your posts about what is going on! I totally agree. you go girl. love you

-clevergirl said...

My jaw totally dropped when I read your message about Gatlinburg. We went there for a week after cremating our daughter, it was such a beautiful place. We miss it so much, except for the bugs, they were the biggest I have ever seen! We live really close to Destin, FL as well, it is a beautiful place when the weather is warm. I am so glad you contacted me. It seems we have a lot in common. That poem you wrote was beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it with me. Please tell your mother thank you for writing me, it really touched me what she said. If you can make it through this terrible time, I can too. I am so happy to have met you, **HUG**

Sue said...

I am also bothered by the unearned adulation lavished on members of the Hollywood elite by star struck politicians. And I love your word, "sheeple." It's so true. Why should I pay more attention to a someone's political opinions just because he or she is a good pretender?

little jill said...

It's weird because it's like you're in my head and speaking with my voice.


I said the exact same thing about actors and people listening to their political views. Seriously??? I'm pretty sure they haven't had to worry about paying rent, feeding their families or the school system in their area. They are nothing like me

Diva Queen said...

I completely agree with you 100% regarding the Katrina experience. I was there in Gulfport, MS when she hit and was there to see the brave men and women of the US military and volunteers there to help us all when our lives had been turned upside down. The whole entire state of Louisana was given advanced warning to evacuate. They knew the levees would break if a major storm ever happened. Well, it turned out that Katrina wiped out the MS Gulf Coast Region but yet the media was all about New Orleans and the poor, helpless people that CHOSE not to leave.
I personally wrote President Bush a letter thanking him for all of his help. I also hugged and thanked every man and woman I met that was in uniform. The Federal Government was there for us.....IDK what some people are talking about-no one could have known the outcome of that storm.