Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Say Booooo to Mean People

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It's one thing to write on YOUR blog about YOUR opinions. It's an entirely different animal altogether when you VISIT someone else's blog and get mean! There's just no need. My blog, and those that I read, are not forums for debate. They are places for sharing. We aren't attempting to persuade you to believe as we do. We are simply sharing our own information. I'll never understand why people would waste their time leaving malicious, disrespectful comments. And I venture to say such behavior is highly ineffectual in swaying the opinions of the blogger you're attacking. Most likely the blogger is writing to his/her audience, never even giving you a thought as he/she develops a post. It's probable the blogger didn't even know you were here for the show. And if it gets really ugly? Well, hopefully security will escort you back to your spot under the sad, sad, empty little troll.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Someone once told me: "Never assume...Because when you assume, you make an "ass" out of "u" and "me". I've been thinking a lot about assumptions. I've come to the conclusion that assumptions aren't my favorite. Maybe because they're a lot like judgements made by the self-righteous. Frequently, they come without any thoughtful, intelligent reasoning. Rarely does giving someone the benefit of the doubt factor into an assumption.

Before I get started, two things:
-don't assume I'm a Republican, because I'm not
-don't assume I'm a staunch right winging conservative, because I'm not

Recently I have watched the left-leaning media relentlessly vilify and mock those attending Tea Party rallies. The following is just a small sampling of the assumptions made about these people: they are all racist, greatly lacking oral hygiene, uneducated, ready to shoot and kill, stupid, ignorant, backwards, Timothy Mcveighs lying in wait...I could go on & on. I'll be the first to admit that in crowds of 100s or 1000s, it's highly possible (likely even) that you will find a person matching those descriptions. But I also believe the majority of those attending Tea Parties do not fit such disgusting profiles.

All of this leads me to a few questions. Why is it perfectly acceptable for the far left movement to assume things about Americans who, by and large, are just simply refusing to be sheeple? Why does the left bark and foam at the mouth over "profiling"...unless, of course, they are the ones doing the profiling? Why is it acceptable to demonize and make assumptions about those who are standing, peacefully in most cases (granted there are a few nut jobs to be found everywhere...on both sides of the aisle), for what they believe?

I remember when Bush was president (and let me remind you, I am no Bush fan), liberals screamed: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." Now that the tables have turned, if you show any form of dissent, it is quickly assumed you are racist, a homegrown terror suspect, or just plain stupid. It is also assumed that you are a Sarah Palin fan....may I remind you she most certainly does NOT speak for me, I am not a fan. In fact, don't assume anyone speaks for me (even the Tea Party people). I can't find a darn person out there right now who in any way, shape or form represents me.

Next question. Why the obsessive focus on conservatives? Even Bill Clinton felt the need to run his mouth. He said we need to be careful with our words and consider how our words are taken by others. He insinuated that if some violence occurs, it will be the fault of those who are speaking out. Riiiiight. Because people can't be held responsible for their own actions. If some whack job commits an act of violence it certainly isn't his/her fault, but rather the blame would be at the feet of the Tea Partiers. I understand Bill...surely no one is surprised that a man who spent his time in the Oval Office being serviced by an intern would promote lack of personal responsibility. This is just another attempt at silencing those who are simply practicing what they heard from liberals for so many years: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." Apparently this only holds true if you are a liberal Democrat.

I am wondering why we aren't concerned with the radical Islam movement taking place right under our noses. I have never been a fan of the show "South Park", so I do something very crazy....instead of being offended, I change the channel. *gasp* I know! It's a far out, wacky idea. But yes, I actually choose not to watch rather than get my panties in a wad. The creators of that show are equal opportunity offenders. Why is it ok that they mock Jesus Christ, the Pope, atheists, and every culture known to man, but when they delve into anything Muslim related, they are targeted with death threats by an extremist group. No one steps up for the creators, instead their show is censored...something that has never happened before, in all their years of equal opportunity offending. I'm wondering why there is such a focus on the supposed evil of Tea Parties. All the while a man in New York, who heads up this extremist group, says 9/11 was deserved and there is more to come. But ohhhh no, don't make any assumptions about him. Save all your assumptions for the Tea Partiers, because one or two of them might yell a racial slur. One or two of them might be missing some front teeth. Wonder why Billy Boy isn't concerned about the words of this man in New York? Wonder why Billy Boy isn't rushing to chastise this man and tell him how careful he must be with his words?

And why is it that those opposed to the new law in Arizona assume police will profile? Why not assume they will do their jobs with integrity. Those who believe anyone can come to this country illegally and the rest of us should pay for it, those people are assuming all police are racist bigots who hate immigrants. You quickly assume the police are looking for opportunities to bully people, but you don't want the police to assume someone is here illegally. All profiling and assumptions are on your terms. It's clear as mud to me.

You make assumptions all day long, but you are rabidly opposed to anyone else doing the same. That's the bottom line. So just keep your assumptions to yourself. You can make an "ass" out of "u" all day long, but leave "me" out of it.
Thank you very much.