Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Little Q&A

1.) Am I going to turn off the comments? Nope

2.) Am I going to use comment moderation? Nope

3.) Am I going to stay here and do my thing? Yep

4.) Are the following two things the same?
A reader joining conversation and a reader making this comment on my last post...To:The flat a** bobble head b***h that runs this lame a** blog , Karma is coming for your a** ugly b***h!!! Ummm, that would be a Nope, those two things are not the same.

5.) Does conversation involve something more than cussing and making threats?
Here? At this blog? Yep

6.) Do I think unlocking the silence is only for
those who believe just as I do? Nope

7.) Do I think it's sad that some people can only unlock
their silence by trying to tear me down? Yep

8.) Does it make me angry? Nope, mostly it just makes me laugh...then I feel sad for the angry little elf.

9.) Do I find it utterly amazing that some people come here just to spew hate at me? Not really amazing. More interesting than anything. Kinda makes me want to do some social experiments. Personally, I have no need to troll around for blogs, just waiting for someone to write something that I don't like, so that I can call them names and declare their doom. That floating someone else's boat? I don't so much get it.

10.) Do I welcome those who may not agree with all that I say? Of course.

11.) Should readers be surprised when Snarky Mama stands up for her daughter? Are you a parent? If you are, then it shouldn't surprise you at all. Wouldn't you do the same for your child? You should.

12.) Should readers be surprised when Little Brother has his say as well? Do you have a brother ten years younger who adores you? If so then it shouldn't surprise you at all. Nope, he and Snarky Mama have just as much right to unlock the silence as anyone else.

13.) Should readers be surprised when Snarky Friends reply to nastiness? Nope. I have some of the most loyal, intelligent, fiesty, compassionate friends a person could ever dream of.

Again, I'm not turning off or moderating comments. But, be advised. Most who visit this blog consider discussion to be far more than foul language and insults. I understand that isn't the case everywhere, so you may be more comfortable unlocking your silence on another blog. Here, we understand that opinions vastly differ, based on personal life experiences. We enjoy learning from others. But, we also believe that conversation, among those who may not see eye to eye, does not have to include venom.

Coming up....a fun little quiz that is sure to make you laugh.


KC Mom said...

He's an angry elf...cracks me up!

mom said...

Just to let you know I am working on the "bobble head" as we speak...
However, the design team is still struggling as to how to perfect the flat a*#, opposed to a fat a#*!

Not to worry, will have the first opportunity to receive your very own Snarky-belle doll, t-shirt, hat and/or (drumroll) ..............
THE SNARKY BOBBLE HEAD...well, that is, of course, AFTER "Anonymous" and his/her ugly friend "Karma" receive theirs!

Am I laughing?-YEP!
Do I love Snarky-Belle?-YEP!
Do I love all the "snarkettes"-YEP

emily said...

angry little elf, LOVE YOU snarky!!!! i must say your bra story in my giveaway is TOP NOTCH, but don't forget to add my button;-) i can't wait for my Q&A! how about a Q&A week of get to know snarky better?! yes, that's sounds nice, like sugar and spice, lol.

Gretchen said...

Ignore him/her. Imagine what a downer this person is IRL???...

Looking forward to the quiz.

emily said...

i meant to say "i can't wait for MORE Q&A" not "my Q&A." the pork loin was howling and i got distracted typing!

Sue said...

Loved the Q & A.

I don't get the drive-by mentality either, but maybe that's because there isn't an abundance of mentality in residence with these people.

I's hard to analyze the filling in a one-layer cake, right?

Carly said...

Maybe we could do this angry elf a public service and introduce him to some household chores, I have PLENTY to keep him (or her) occupied so he won't be forced to fill his time reading blogs just to get mad about. Really. Get a real hobby. If you are desperate for a time filler, I have some messy little pet birds who need a maid.
The rest of us love you, Snarky Belle! Keep it up. If you are making horrible people mad, you are doing something right.

Brooke said...

look at you go! wow. hater comments always ruin my day... you inspire me to be braver in the face of them.

Rachel T. said...

I don't think you should disable comments or do modaration, but you can disable annymous comments. That is what I did on my blog after I had some hater comments as well. Its a thought. It doesn't mean that people can't comment, they just do it how your mom does and put a name in. Its a thought. But Please please please don't ever change how you are. I love you Nat, you have a great following, NEVER NEVER NEVER change!

little jill said...

Dearn Anonymous:


You make me sad.

If you can't articulate your point then Pa-lease--don't bother.

Besides, you're just proving Snarky's point that people on the other wing just wine fuss and cry when things don't go their way. Or people don't believe what they do.

And those of us on the other wing, step up and work with what we got. And respect you on the other wing regardless of your beliefs. Because we stand taller--we can't help it.

Thanks for proving it.

You made my day.

xoxo Jill

emily said...

seriously, could i maybe leave one more comment today? good grief emily! i'm just here to say i can't get your comments to publish on my post today. i've published them twice and nada! dang technology. however, i did leave YOU a comment on my post saying the following:
i have no idea why your comments won't post??? i have published them twice, what's up with that!? IT'S THE ELF!!!!!"
i vote to blame all future mishaps or unexplained phenomena (sp??) on the elf.
the end.

-clevergirl said...

You said it Natalie, right on. =)

L said...

I swear I check your blog every time there is an update in my dashboard yet I keep missing these angry little elves!

Am I a snarkette? I wanna be a snarkette! It's like a smurfette only better and not blue!

As always, you crack me up!

karen said...

I was really puzzled by "Anonymous." I don't get why he/she can't simply articulate the point he/she is trying to make. Why the need to insult and call names? Does he/she not have a command of the English language? Is he/she like, 13 or something? (although that's no excuse either)I don't get it. But you just keep on keepin' on.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

Yuck. You have a lot of strength. I'm enjoying your blog. Thank you. Could I write one more sentence much like one a first grader would write? (I did just finish helping my first grader with her spelling. Perhaps that's my defense?)

Jacki said...

You know what is funny about these anonomous angry elves...they act like they are so big and powerful with their pathetic comments but in all reality it means nothing...they are not proud enough of their stand they want to make to put in their is rediculous we live in a world where people's stands they make that are acurate and precise try to get downtrodden by small pathetic people who have no true education. I guess that is why our country has so many problems...those squeeky wheels who are so uninformed still get a vote...