Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Random Trainwreck

One of my DSFs called yesterday. (DSF=dear sister friend)
The conversation went something like this:

DSF: I have a favor to ask you. Well, not really a favor. Okay, I guess it's a favor.

Me: You know I would do anything I possibly can for you.

DSF: Well, you know we're going to Ireland. And, we need to get some paperwork
taken care of (insert a lot of lead up to the favor), and well, if something were to ever happen to us, would you be willing to take the children?

Me: Of course. Absolutely. I'll tell the Captain. I mean I'll talk with the Captain, but of course he'll say yes.

DSF: Well, there's a little something else. See, we have some friends who have asked us to take their kids. One of them is from France. So if something happened to his parents, and to us, well, you would take him too.

Me: Of course we would.

DSF: Oh by the way, Dave (a family friend of hers) thinks it's weird that I would be friends with someone like you, someone who's always in a bad mood.

Me: I am not always in a bad mood.

DSF: I know, I told him that. He just reads your blog. But, I told him, you aren't in a bad mood.

Me: Good, because I'm not. Actually, I'm mostly only in a good mood, but I get aggravated by things. So, I let it out, and that way I stay in a good mood. The blog makes me happy, I like not having to filter. I'm happy.

DSF: I know, I told him that.

Me: I'm putting your birthday gift in the mail tomorrow.

DSF: Oooohhh, yay.

Me: It's a random assortment of stuff, I mean really random. But, you are a random assortment yourself, so it should be perfect.

DSF: (laughing) Yeah, I guess you're right. (People, I am sooooo right. It's one of the many reasons I love her.)

Me: So, I'm sending it tomorrow.

DSF: Thanks. You know, I was thinking. Your blog is, and I mean this in the coolest way possible, your blog is, well, it's like a trainwreck.

Me: (laughing) What?!? Are you serious?

DSF: Yeah, like a trainwreck, but in a good way. (I'm wondering if there is anything good about a trainwreck.) You know, it's like I just have to keep coming back to take a look. I hear something and I wonder what you will say about it. A good trainwreck.

Me: Thanks. (I think?) Okay, so we are a random trainwreck. Yep, that's us.

DSF: Yes we are.

Me: You know I have to blog about this, right?

DSF: I know. Love you girl.

Me: Love you too.

And that's how I came to wonder. Which is worse? Being the trainwreck or being the person crazy enough to leave your kids with the trainwreck? Hmmmm, I'm really not sure.
What do you think?


Carly said...

We're all trainwrecks really, so to be able to admit it and go with it anyway means you are both ok in my book! :)
By the way, I get the bad mood thing too, people never understand that my mood was infinitely worse when I was letting all that stuff fester in my brain!

Valsy said...

You forgot to mention that the number of other kids would boost you up to taking 7 extra kids. Added to your four that would be 11. If I inherited 7 extra kids, that for SURE would make me a train wreck. :)

Nice. What a great friend I sound like.

Natalie said...

You are the very best kind of friend! That's why this is funny and that I could blog about it! :)

em said...

i think you just made me feel less tired this morning:-)

KC Mom said...

Well, I think we're all in this trainwreck together....just don't ask me to take your kids and 7 others to add to my personal trainwreck!

Sue said...

I think she who is the trainwreck and she who is the person crazy enough to leave her kids with the trainwreck are as one. =)

A highly entertaining post, Natalie. And I have to thank your friend, Valsy, for her contribution as well.

I'm still chuckling...

Rachel T. said...

Blogs can be train wrecks. That is just what they are. Not all of us write about what we are greatful for. While that is all good and well, we do that in church lol, and blogs are for that "other stuff." Blogs are where we can vent, where we can share our opinions and come to our friends for advice, support, etc. Blogs allow us to rid ourselves of certain emotions so that we can carry on day by day and not keep it will us. Blogs are for entertainment, and not everything is happy go lucky.
My cousin tried to write only happy in the month of November. While it was great information I got seriously bored lol. I want good stuff to read. And you my friend, provide that WELL!!!

KatieB said...

I say, lucky kids and better a trainwreck than a handbasket because we all know where the handbasket is heading! Thanks for the smiles!!

Shauna said...

I am not into airbrushing life, thoughts or emotions...so keep on keepin on!! Now for adding 7 kids to your 4, that is just plan crazy...that is a train wreck! Your blog is the bomb baby:) at least all your entries lately don't involve bodily functions or floods! You sound intelligent... I need zanax!

jen said...

You truly are my long-lost, newly found friend. I'm frequently accused of being in a chronic bad mood, but it's all for my mental health. Vent the spleen, lower the blood pressure, I say!
Trainwreck? Not so much the word I would use. More like helicopter in the sky with its spotlight on. What is it spotlighting? What did they do? What's the crime? Is it someone I know? You're the helicopter pilot, finding the troubles and bringing them to justice!
And, thanks for the eBay advice. Brad's encouraging me to buy it all. You're fabulous!

caitsmom said...

The blog is my outlet too, and I wonder if people think that I'm always sorrowful and tortured. But now over a year away from Caitlin's death, I'm pretty OK and I do laugh and live life. But, the blog is an important tool to express myself and lots of times it's the sorrow and tough stuff that gets spilled here. As for the trainwreck Q . . . I have no idea : )

Laretha said...

LOL! That is a great post Natalie! Seriously funny. Which is worst? Well, since we are all dysfunctional in some way (trainwrecks) I suppose it's a 'wash'. :-)

Rachel T. said...

I keep checking back for Snarky Mommas opinion on this matter. I always like reading what she has to say, and I haven't found it yet, but I will keep looking, Im sure she has plenty to say in reguards to the "trainwreck."

mom said...

O.K. ACTUALLY, Rachel, I have been trying to recover from the shock of thinking there is EVEN a snowball's chance that SnarkyBelle could possibly EVER end up with (did she really say)11 kids!

I'm just saying....between Snarky and "Valsy" (green leaf bonnet girl)we all know both their trains jumped the tracks long ago....how do you think they found each other!

"Valsy" and SnarkyBelle...
loco(s)in motion! :)

Seriously, makes me wonder if "Valsy" was drinking the juice from those grapevines on her head for asking...not to mention, Snarky must already be drunk for saying yes!

Oh well, based on the kids the two of them already have....there could potentially be 11 pretty darn neat kids! :)
Mind you, I will just need a head's up when they are all coming to visit...Papa Snarky and I are going to a hotel!

Now that I think about it...hey, Valerie can you just stay home, wrapped in bubble wrap and don't take any chances.....:)

Oh and the "bad mood" thing...I have only seen Snarky in a "bad mood" once...now the fact it lasted 2-3 years, is a whole different story! :) :)j.k

"Valsy"...Snarky....you know I love ya both.
Stay safe....

Rachel...thanks for asking about me...made my day!

karen said...

I think that I'm just thankful to have DSFs that accept me however I am - even if I'm a crazy trainwreck (which has been known to happen). Would I take on possibly 7 extra kids? When you have special friends like that, you'll do it.

Aubrey said...

I love you potential momma :)

Synergy Girl said...

Hi there!! Saw ya from another blog, and I have to say...we MUST have Something in common!! I just put a post up the other day telling people NOT to feel bad about my posts...I guess I come across negative to readers who don't "know" me. So I put a "disclaimer" in there...LOL Anyways, real is good....period