Thursday, April 2, 2009

You People ROCK!

Comments make my day. The kind comments, the insightful ones, the uplifting, the jackass jerk remarks, the plain ol' nasty comments...all of them, they all make me happy. It means something you read struck a chord. But I'm no idiot. OF COURSE the good comments far outweigh the others in terms of my happiness. And that's how I felt with my last post, the comments made me feel happy. Such insight and courage in sharing your experiences. Your comments made me so appreciative of and committed to the R-word campaign. It feels good knowing how many of us are dedicated to something so worthy. You people are smart, kind, honest, and open to bettering this world. In my book, you ROCK!

Because some of you may not go back and read the comments, I have listed some that really touched me, really made me think long after I read the comment.

~I decided then and there not to say it ever again. I even prayed for help to think about what I was saying before I said it.
~[do] a real self-inventory
~I think because of it [political correctness], our society has become way too touchy, but when it comes to the people who have it much harder than us because of their limitations, there is no such thing as too touchy.
~Unfortunately, unless "it hits home" sometimes we just "don't get it."
~For me, it is not about being politically is about being correct...getting it right.
~I don't look down at people who say it. I just feel like crap when they do.
~The Bible says out of the mouth the heart speaks. The R word doesn't speak what I want my heart to say.
~a little sensitivity to how our words affect others would be nice.
~that was one of the defining moments of my entire life. I packed up my lunch, got up from the table of cool kids I was close to my whole life (small town living you know) moved tables and never went back.
~until then I probably did not think too much about people saying those things and had, more than once, been as guilty as the next person to laugh or snicker, like a lot of kids do...but, that for me was a "game changer."
~I plan to have my boys visit the [r-word] website.
~Sadly, those young "cool kids" missed out on the blessing of interacting with special needs kids. By seeing these kids as just an "R" word, they missed out on a whole dictionary worth of words that these special individuals could have taught them.

And this one: It's about defending the defenseless. How true is that one sentence?!? It speaks volumes, and sums up the entire issue. That statement explains why this campaign sucked me right in. The defenseless. I kept wondering why campaigns to end the vile, cruel words thrown at every group on the planet have not touched me like the r-word campaign. I am certain it has to do with
Victoria, as well as other children I don't know, but love dearly (those of my baby lost mama blogging friends and those of my blogging friends who have beautiful, living children facing struggles). Because of these children, I am obviously emotionally attached to the issue.

But my being pulled to this campaign also has to do with the fact that every ethnic, racial, gender, sexual-orientation, religious and political group has slurs thrown at them (even whites...I'm very bothered that my son has been taunted with words like "whitey" and "preppy cracker"). I don't care what your color, religion, gender, or sexual preference calling is wrong. I think it's disgusting, and I teach my children those words are despicable. The difference is that the above-mentioned groups are not defenseless. They have advocates fighting for them, and calling for media cameras anytime offensive words are used. And, even if they were alone, they could stand up for themselves and fight for what is right and good. There is a tremendous difference between being offended and being defenseless.

I have always been drawn to the defenseless. It was taught in my home. I can honestly say that my brothers and I did not call each other names. It was absolutely unacceptable. We were taught that family is the greatest blessing you have, so why would you even consider harming them with words, or in any other way. And, we were taught to cheer for the underdog, to look out for those we came in contact with who couldn't look out for themselves. I value those lessons as the second greatest my parents taught me. The greatest being love for and faith in our Heavenly Father, and Savior.

I'm sincerely grateful for this reminder to defend the defenseless. Become an advocate for individuals who need us most. They definitely have the most to give in return.

Princie will pick a winner's name from her Cowgirl hat at 6:30 p.m., if you haven't left a comment on the "No More Useless Words" post, do it before 6:00 p.m.!


mom said...

Yes, you people do indeed "rock!' Why, I have already listed all"snarkettes" and a few "snarkers" on my "Rock Star A List!"

Just ask Snarky B. and The Captain, they will tell you that is one tough list to make...seriously, you people are right up there...pretty darn near Cher, Dolly, and Rod! Can't get much better than that!

You all impress me and touch my heart. This very day I thanked my Heavenly Father for technology and for all the neat things my children and grandchildren will have to experience in this life. (Of course, I asked Him to continue to protect them from the not so neat parts...can't forget the whole "opposition in all things"). But, I am truly grateful for the ability to communicate with people whom I have never met and/or have not seen in a long time, and to find out more about those I see all the time and know well. I really, really am grateful..

Seriously, I LOVE reading your comments...I run like a little kid on Christmas morning every day to see if there is a new post and if there are any comments....(told y'all I miss raising my kids!). I am actually disappointed if there is not something new to read. Makes me kind of sad....

You are all smart, insightful, witty, and just plain "my kind of people"...must be why I like you so are a lot like my Snarky Belle! And just in case, anyone has not heard or you have forgotten...she is my hero! Snarky is right up there right beside Cher and that my friend is a coveted position on my "Rock Star A list!"....(don't worry, I have few more you all, Snarky included, with which you would be more comfortable).

Having said that...your "R" word comments were touching, thought provoking, and inspiring. Who knows, maybe others will read and be inspired to "learn" to abandon old habits and think beyond the moment when they speak....."defending the defenseless"...yep, that's how we roll! Just makes ya feel better!!

Thanks, Snarky for the compliment. As I commented yesterday, I thought about you and the "little brothers." How grateful I am to have children who, to my knowledge, did not make fun of people for their struggles/trials/challenges or intentionally hurt someone by being cruel and a matter of fact, many specific moments come to mind where they did just the opposite...where they stood firm against bullies, idiots, and nimrod pinheads who did...moments where all three of you "defended the defenseless."

Now again, you do the same and now once again, I am so proud to be your mother!

Love to the "ettes!" (oh well, and the "ers").

I remain,
Snarky Mama!!!!

p.s. So, on your "Random Idolness"...I told somebody to save that girl from herself....obviously, NO ONE was listening or maybe they just weren't interested! All I have to say about her is "wow"...yeah "wow"...not the brightest crayon in the box, now is she???? Beautiful girl, but I hope she never plays chess.....

em said...

:-) you said it all!!!

Fiauna said...

You hit the nail on the head! I'm always so frustrated when people say things like: I wasn't talking about a handicapped person, just someone who made a dumb choice. What they don't get is that Mental Retardation or MR is an actual diagnosis, or label, given to the developmentally disabled. They did not CHOOSE this label or diagnosis. So don't make fun of it. You wouldn't say: That's so diabetic. You don't hear people saying: I'm so dumb, I must have cancer. It's no different.

KC Mom said...

You keep rockin'!

Laretha said...

Defending the defensless! I love that!

You know you are on my heart lots today girl!

Happy to be a snarkette! Hey, maybe you should do a button for us and we could put it on our know "proud to be a snarkette". :-)

Laretha said...

oooo - even better - the button could say...

"Proud to be a sassy snarkette".


Sue said...

That's an interesting question you asked on my blog, Natalie, one that makes me stop and think. I can't really say I've been aware of a "new spiritual plane," but I probably am focusing on spiritual things more than I was previously. And that's always a good thing for me.

Thanks for drawing my attention inward. And love and hugs back atcha.