Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tshirt, Tshirt, Who Gets the Tshirt?

Princie had one of the dreaded "meltdowns" (the kind that leave me physically exhausted and emotionally spent afterwards, the kind that make me cry tears of sadness for her) right around 6 p.m. So, she wasn't able to draw a name. Luckily, the boys were more than willing to step in and take over her duties. But, they refused to pull a name from the pink Cowgirl hat. We went with The Captain's favorite Cardinals cap instead.

And the winner of the super cool Spread the Word to End the Word tshirt is.....

Congratulations FIAUNA! Hooray for you...insert confetti, squeals of delight, and ticker tape! Thanks so much to everyone who participated! You can still go here if you would like to order your very own super cool tshirt. Peace, love and defending the defenseless. Way to go people! Fiauna, send me an email with your info, and I'll be mailing you a shirt!


Laretha said...

Oh my, the dreaded meltdown! YIKES! I know them too well.

Peace, peace, peace over you and your household in Jesus name.

Love ya!

mom said... for Fiauna...
We think that's great!!!!!!

Congratulations...great comment by the way!

Mama Snarky

p.s. Hello boys...seriously, could you not have done Nana a favor!!! I thought surely you had my back! :) Now I have to order my own shirt. I was so hoping your mom would have to give me one! :)

Princie...a better you all!

em said...

oh yay, yay for fiauna!!! i'm so glad it's one of my blogging friends;-)

Sue said...

Yep, if I couldn't win, I'm glad Fiauna did! =)

KC Mom said...

Well congrats to Fiauna! Something good came in spite of the meltdown!

Fiauna said...

Sorry for the meltdown. : ( But ... Yay, me!!! I won something. I never win anything! Thank you sooooo much!

jen said...

I didn't win. But, I do have to tell you a story.
On our way home from the Easter Pageant last night, Heidi used the r-word. And I asked her to please refrain from it. She looked at me a little strangely, but I know she'll start thinking about using it.
Brad said, "Snarky Belle, huh?"
The changes you make in people's lives . . .

Sue said...

Love that story, Jen.

*Snarky Belle, changing lives for the better!*

Pretty neat.