Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Louis CK

When tragedy strikes, light-hearted laughter can feel completely wrong. As I thought of my friend Lori and her daughter Megan, I knew without a doubt, it's ok to post something funny. Lori has a fantastic sense of humor, she likes a good laugh...her menopause post made me laugh out loud more than once! I, for one, was ready for some silly, light-hearted humor. This did the trick for me.


Natalie said...

Oh crap Kiera, somehow I deleted your comment. Somedays I am really very blog incompetent. I don't understand what I did...aaaggghhhh!! And it was so funny, the image of you, laughing like a loon!! :)

Sue said...

That is HILARIOUS, and so true. We are one spoiled group of whiny brats, that's for sure. (Except for you and me, of course...)


Kathy said...

DANG IT! the stupid utube video lost it's connection in the middle of a joke. Now I cannot get it to reload. I cannot believe how cheap this internet thing is! thanks for nothing.

Valsy said...

Matt sent this to me yesterday. I laughed because I think about indulgence all the time. Not mine of course...because I am too tired to be indulged.

Love you
The call was devine.
Sister Val

Lori said...


I hope you know....what a ray of beautiful sunshine you are to me and my family. I loved the YouTube with Conan. I laughed because it is amazing at how correct this guy really is! I am old enough to remember the rotary dial phones and how ticked off I would get dialing that thing. LOL