Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas Dose of Snarkiness...I know, it's totally inappropriate

I don't live in a fairy tale. I am not oblivious. I know, to some, my snarkiness is more than a little unattractive, obnoxious, etc. I wish I cared. Oh well, such is life.

Unfortunately, for those who find my style to be even the slightest bit amusing, my mood tonight could seriously disappoint you. I am beyond snarky, I am feeling just plain nasty.

In a nutshell, here's why:
(1.) I loathe feeling useless.
(2.) I despise the distance that separates me from those I love.
(3.) I especially despise that distance when it prevents me from
being places I feel I should be.
(4.) Did I mention I loathe feeling useless?
(5.) I am not a fan of people parents who don't give a stinky rat's rear about the painstaking efforts a teacher makes in preparing 24 three year olds for their Christmas program. Yeah, I get paid to be there, but I'd love a sip of whatever you're drinkin' if you think I'm making bank at this job. And NO, I don't teach your children because I can't do anything else you moron! I do it because I truly love your children. Imagine that, a person who actually enjoys spending time with your should try it some time.

Alrighty then, I'm pretty sure I have spread enough Christmas cheer for one night.
Thanks for stopping by, I'll be here all week.


mom said...

"and we NEED a little Christmas, right this very minute....we NEED a little Christmas cheer!"

You make me laugh....all the time.
But, I do wish you would be just a little more candid about your feelings. Holding back like you do can be extremely dangerous to your mental well-being....maybe you should consider expressing those inner feelings more? I'm just saying............ :)

Love ya!

KC Mom said...

teach me how to do the cross out thingy...teacher.

Sue said...

Okay, I can see what you meant about needing my S-A-T-A-N story today...!

I'm with you though, especially on the teaching three-year-olds front. My daughter teaches the same age group, and it's my humble opinion that anyone who not only does this job but wholeheartedly loves the children at the same time should be eligible for immediate sainthood, a lifetime of personal spa treatments, and a genie. (And I do mean the wishing kind. No mere garage door openers for you!)

Sue said...

BTW, I want to know how to do the cross out thingy, too. =)

emily said...

oh yes, soooooooooo know that feeling (taught 2nd and 3rd grade). what's up with that? maybe if i rap or play basketball they will think i'm intelligent? don't get me wrong, i love a good base with some rap and steve nash playing b-ball, but what's up with the salary diff huh? not to get anyone on a soap box or anything...