Saturday, September 6, 2008


Do you know what caused your daughter's stillbirth?
Yes. She had Trisomy 18, a condition caused by a chromosomal defect.

When was Victoria born?
September 25, 1996

How old were you when you had Victoria?
I was 23.

How did you make it through the loss of your child?

I almost didn't.

Do you hate politicians?
I think the majority are propelled by greed and an unquenchable thirst for power. I feel most are merely masquerading as do-gooders out to save the world. I have little respect for most of them, and I trust none of them. But no, I don't hate them.

Why do you get so angry about politics?
Actually, I don't get angry. I'm passionate. If you don't recognize the difference between anger and passion, you've never been passionate.

Why are you so rude when you write about politicians?

I prefer to think of it as direct. The only time I'm outright rude is if Nancy Pelosi is involved. And that's not as much about her politics as it is about her being a person I just really can't like.

What's your biggest gripe with conservatives?
self-righteous behavior and an inability to work with liberals

What's your biggest gripe with liberals?
self-righteous behavior and an inability to work with conservatives

Why don't you believe in welfare and taking care of the poor?
I most definitely DO believe we have a responsibility to care for those who can't care for themselves. I believe in defending the defenseless. I believe our welfare system needs a complete overhaul. This overhaul should promote dignity and help people get on their feet. I believe in giving a hand-up, but never a hand-out. I am more about teaching skills and trades. I support programs that encourage people to believe in themselves as opposed to encouraging reliance on a deeply flawed system. A system that rewards dependence and fosters little to no self-improvement behaviors.

What are your political beliefs?

I'll make this simple. Just take a look at our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Those documents pretty much sum it up for me.

Are you a Christian? Yes I am.

You are Mormon, how can you claim to be Christian?
Oh, I don't claim it. I own it. This is me, owning it: I am a Christian. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Jesus Christ is my Savior, and your misguided beliefs about my religion will never change that fact.

Thanks for asking.

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Kym said...

I know this is over a year old, but I love this post. You put your cards out on the table in a very tasteful and straightfoward way. Thanks for sharing.