Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Be Gone Snarky Belle, Be Gone!

I do not think it is a good sign when you are exhausted from a long day (all you really want to do is put on the jammies and melt away), but your blasted blogging thoughts will not be gone!

I have dinner to cook, clothes to wash, blahdy-blah-blah, all the things that everyone has to do.
As I attempt to slay these beastly dragons, I hear Snarky Belle's sassy voice: "You know you can't stand it any longer, so just hit the blog already." The truth is, I literally can not do anything else until I get this out of my system. So here goes....

I am livid!!! Yep, that's right...eye-bulging, teeth-gritting, ready-to-blow mad!
I am going to make this as quick and painless as possible.
Three things:
1.) I am not a Wall Streeting, big-time corporate exec.
2.) I am not a sleazy lender giving away subprime loans.
3.) I am not a consumer who took one of those loans in order to keep up with the Joneses and buy a mini-mansion that I knew darn well I could not afford.
And yet, my family will be one of millions taking this bite to the butt!

Maybe I am more scared than mad. I tend to react with anger when things frighten me. The complete and utter refusal of people I share this planet with to take RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions, combined with the steady, sneaky pushes toward socialism are enough to scare the Snarky right off my Belle.

At this point, I will stop my rambling and leave it all in the hands of one who says it much better than I ever could: Mr.Glenn Beck.

GLENN: We're talking about this bailout package and as I have told you before, I am for the bailout package, however that is getting weaker and weaker as the days go on because it is getting more and more caveats and it is becoming worse and worse. Congress does exactly what congress always does. They have not sensed what is really coming around the corner and they are trying to load it up with special interests and making sure they take care of all their boys and making sure that they score political points. And also there's the other side of growing cries of socialism and one world government, one world control of the financial system here in the last week and that should make the hair stand on the back of your head. So we go back to Senator DeMint now. Tell me exactly what you think the worst case or the worst point of this bailout bill is.

SENATOR DeMINT: It will increase our national debt to the point where our dollar will begin to lose confidence around the world, which means our dollar will be worth a fraction of what it is today. And we're already in a position where we can't pay our debts. This just pushes us over the cliffs in my mind. And I think the second part of that is there's no example in our history of a government actually taking something over and running it well. It's ruined our education system, it's ruined our healthcare system, our transportation system. And the financial markets are the most complex and dynamic part of our economy. The government cannot come in and buy it. And just as you were starting to explain before the break is once they get into it, then you start looking at globalization of rules, the United Nations involved with what we're doing here because these bad mortgages are all over the world now. They've been sold with government guarantees all over the country as part of our debt package. And these other countries are demanding we make them good. So this government's dug a big hole for us and we can't get out without some pain. But I think we can get out of this because I really do believe that the American people and our economic structure will work if we just take the burden of bad government, overtaxation, regulation off of it and that is something we could do in a week if we were willing to do it.

Before you leave me any ugly comments such as: "Well big talker, what do you plan to do?"
I plan to email, fax and call my Congresspeople, and it will go something like this: "It would be greatly appreciated if you would stop talking out of both sides of your mouth. You and I both know there is no feasible way for you to protect the average taxpayer. I am completely appalled at this entire situation, and against the socialization of our economy."

(Whew, now be gone Snarky Belle, until you have something more positive to write.)


shahna said...

I know. it' sickening. i totally agree.

Gentle Giant said...

I support 100%. At the end of the day you can only stand for what you believe and continue to push yourself and those around you in the right direction! Liberalism and socialism are mental disorders, to say the least. Not to be a spiritual sap, but we knew this was coming and it will continue as the world progresses throughout the "plan". The very pride and arrogance that put us in this mess with "keeping up with the Jones" will continue to be the stubbornness that will handicap us as a nation. However, you are exactly right, stand up and defend what you believe in! Call, email, and fax your congressmen and tell everyone what needs to happen to fix this. We as a collective group can no longer afford to support and float the bill for others' bad decisions, it has got to stop! They do not have to listen but they will certainly hear it! We can change this! "The only way for evil to prevail is for good men to stand idle and do NOTHING"!!

Snarky Belle said...

Gentle giant, wonder if we could run for office together? Now that would be fun!!!!

KC Kanenwishers said...

Natalie for President!!

Gentle Giant said...

I think it is a great idea! I dont mind being the VP to Snarky Belle!

mom and dad said...

snarkybelle/gentlegiant ticket.....the Whitehouse would NEVER be the same!
Aren't you so glad your parents didn't even try to keep up with the Jones'....we never liked those people anyway :)see we told you "beanie weenie" was a gourmet meal all those nights and you look how great you turned out!