Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm In a Mood

It isn't asking for much, outside the walls of a home---just a little private pee time. But as any giver of care can tell you, inside a home, it's asking for too much!

So, in struts Princie.

r Daddy gave her that nickname: Princess+Pixie=Princie.
Next thing I know, in my lap sits something that resembles a large rat, a very creepy and nasty rat. To my relief, it was not a rat, but something almost as terrifying....the mullet wig from our costume closet.

"Put it on", demands Princie.

"Could you just give me a minute?", I ask.

"Uhh, noooo, I need you to wear it, now."
"Coler Moler won't wear it, and Cademan won't wear it, and Daddy isn't here."
"So, put it on."

"Why don't you put it on yourself."

"I can't", she informs me, "I am not funny. I'm pretty."

"Well, you could actually be both."

"Not today, I'm in a mood."

"You're what? In a mood, what is that supposed to mean?"

"That I don't feel like smiling, or talking, I only feel like this."

(insert image of pouty lips that she just might trip over, as well as scrunched up brow and nose)
"So, you wear it and then I can laugh at you, and I won't be in a mood anymore."

"Ok, fine then Princie, give me the wig."

I put it on, she just stares at me.

"Is this working, am I funny?", I ask.

"No, Daddy is much more of funny. I am still in a mood."

Now that makes two of us!


shahna said...

I know! What up with that! It's like we sign something when we deliver at the hospital that we will forever hereafter forfeit all privacy and "bathroom moments" to our offspring.

Anonymous said...

funny story

Ty and Jacki Hanks said...

That is tooo funny! :) You know Natalie....I have got to tell have the funniest stories and experiences...Example the Airplane FLIGHT comming back to Kansas City....That was my ALL TIME Fav "Natalie Story" You should write a book and fill it with all your crazy "people" you run into.

Lisa and Carlin said...

We have all laughed and laughed! What a great story.
We love you all.

Rachel Taylor said...

That is hilarious natalie, I hope you don't mind I stumbled upon your blog and thought i would have a looksies!

colleen said...

That is why we love Chloe!! She has that special personality like no other!!