Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Breather

I'm officially stepping away from the computer for a while. My heart and my brain aren't so much feeling this spot right now. And, for some reason that makes me feel guilty. Each day that passes without finding the time to read your blogs, comment, etc. leaves me feeling like a "bad" blogging friend. That's why I'm making it maybe I won't feel guilty.

We laugh a lot in this house. I count that laughter as one of my greatest blessings. Lately, I just want to hunker down with my people and enjoy life. In the not too distant future, the Captain will be deployed. When? All we know is that it will be much sooner rather than later. So I say, commence the enjoying of life and laughter.

I am feeling the need to build up my reserves of energy, positive thinking, strength and faith in my own abilities. I want to reignite passions that don't revolve around the woes of the world, politics, czars with creepy beliefs (such as compulsory control of family size and allowing animals to sue us in court) and obsessively checking others' blogs (if you people weren't so funny, talented, creative, wise, etc. I wouldn't have this obsessive need to check your blogs!!)... things like reading, music, teaching, and seeing the beauty in mankind. Those are passions I once felt deeply, but in the past year have allowed to dwindle.

My recent epiphany helped me remember so much about who I really am. I'm working on getting those thoughts together. When I get those formed coherently, I'll post and then promptly return to my hunkering down. Now the mother hen in me is a bit nervous about stepping away, so may I ask one small favor? If you have some monumental news (or even small news), please let me know! It's not like I want to be banished to a deserted island, I'm just taking a breather!


em said...

i predict that halloween...or general conference, yes, general conference will bring you back;-) until then...friend, i'll miss your little snarky self!

Sue said...

We'll miss you like crazy! But it's clear you are doing exactly what you need to do, and that's a GOOD thing.

Hugs to all.


KC Mom said...

Deployed??? I some how put that in the back of my mind that it would never happen. I don't blame you for wanting to take a break. I also know this is a difficult month for you and writing and reading about other things probably feels really shallow compared to what is important. I completely agree.
Don't feel pressure to have to check into our blogs! This is all supposed to be fun and an outlet for some of us, it isn't meant to feel like a burden. Does that make sense? We love you and we'll miss your insight, but somehow I know you'll be back with more wisdom to impart to us!

Barbara said...

Oh how I would love to break into your self imposed mini-exile with some momentous news... and I would.

I like to think of you laughing with your family. Even when waiting for deployment.



karen said...

Enjoy your family time, and other pursuits. We'll miss you, but when you need a break, you should take one. I'll be sending warm thoughts your way, and will anticipate your return!

SnarkyMama said...

Hi Snarkettes...

I guess this is a mother's official "Call to Arms"...

Snarky needs you. This is one of life's tough terrains. Believe me, I have seen the "Giant" within her. I KNOW, once again, that giant of strength, courage, love and intestinal fortitude will emerge through this next journey.

We will live this experience in the truest sense of "one day at a time."

I know a lot of that amazing strength will come from each of you. Snarky Belle loves you all, truly loves you. She speaks of each of you as if she knows you personally and you live next door. She has found one of life's greatest treasures in all of you...friends of the heart.

I know you will keep her, the Captain and their little gang in your hearts, your thoughts, and prayers. For that, I thank you.

And I thank you for loving my little girl.

God Bless-
Snarky Mama

Lori said...

I will miss you! I have taken a bit of a rest myself. Thank you for your much needed comments and I look forward to hearing from again soon.

Fiauna said...

While you will be missed, I completely understand. I fear that I'm going to have to make the same choice soon. This blog thing has a way of taking over your life, doesn't it?

BTW, I'm sorry to hear about the deployment. My thoughts will be with you.

Valsy said...

Mr. Fun confirmed our vacation plans and I will be booking a trip for me and my girl for the weekend we talked about. :)

It is good to be the queen.

caitsmom said...

Enjoy your breather! Everyone deserves to steep themselves in real life--elife will be here when you feel like checking in.

jen said...

I've really thought about what to comment on this post. As selfish as I am, I will truly miss you. But I find myself genuinely concerned and worried with the enormity of your life right now. I hope that you find comfort and peace and quiet. (See Sue's post today if you get a chance. It's good.) Know that a part of me is with you, hoping you'll find your way through to the lesson at the end. Because there's always a lesson to be learned.
Love to you!

La Yen said...

Will miss you. Resist the temptation to come visit EP during deployment. Because it is still crappy.

Frosty said...

Snarky - while your insight will be missed I commend you for this decision. This time is precious; cherish it...every moment. Enjoy those FHE's and family study time...can't wait to hear more funnies from them.

(Oh how I hope you bring some insight to us snarkettes from General Conference...your comments are AMAZING!)

Until then, I'm praying for you and yours.