Monday, August 17, 2009

Lost, Found, and Failing

My energy and drive to unpack boxes.
A sad little puppy, lost & roaming around the house because she doesn't know what to do with herself. (Ok fine, so I'm the "sad little puppy"....I miss my kids. I want summer back! And sending your "baby" to Kindergarten, thus giving you loads of alone time, is HIGHLY overrated!)
I stink at sending kids back to school, especially Princie the Kindergarten girl.
I stink at being home alone.
I should be unpacking boxes, but I move around the house like a zombie, just waiting for my people to get home.

My desire to create a separate blog for political rants and ramblings.
A renewed sense of "If you don't like my thoughts, go somewhere else, bite me, etc." A push to keep standing and one way of doing that will be staying right here in MY spot. My time away has put things back in their correct perspective. I made this spot, I come here to feel free, and I'll be darned if anyone is going to make me uncomfortable in my own spot! So, please forgive my temporary insanity.
My commenting on others' blogs is tremendously lacking right now, and I apologize. My goal is to be fully back in action next week!


jen said...

I am so glad you've come to your senses about the separate blog. Although I would have dutifully followed you, it would have seemed little like Snarky Belle. Glad you're back. I've missed you. Hope the transition to "no kids at home all day" will be as smooth as possible.
And who cares if the boxes stay unpacked. Can you cook? Can your kids get dressed? Then you've unpacked enough for a while.
Welcome back.

SnarkyMama said...

Well thank ya, Jesus and pass the plate!!! The girl is back!

Amen, Jen...Who cares?!

And the "no kids at home" thing...told you payback is heck.

If you think this one is tough, wait until the oldest one packs up their stuff and heads to BYU!!! (we won't even mention the whole "six weeks later is engaged thing)!

I am so happy you lost your interest in another blog. THAT IS SnarkyBelle...that would be like removing the Snarky part and just leaving us with plain ole Belle and that would be no fun for me to think that you were not irritating the snot out of some liberal somewhere........sad day, that would have been.

NOW..we have all been patient and we have all been long suffering through this dry spell...HOWEVER, the time has come to tell you that you led us all here, therefore, you have a social responsibility to serve and provide for our entertainment, intellectual enlightment, and from time to time pure comic relief regular doses of Snarky Belle.

There I said it....Hello, My name is Snarky Mama and I am a Bellaholic!

And I like it....

Welcome home...we have missed you something awful!

Barbara said...

Natalie, stop! It sounds like you need to regroup and just stop and breathe for a moment and shake off the stress of the move/back to school, end of summer blues. Leave the boxes, they'll be there when you get back to them and blogs aren't going anywhere.

Do something nice for yourself, just for you. Please.

You are not failing, please stop judging yourself so harshly!

With love.


ps, I might not agree with your politics all/much of the time but they are YOUR opinions and this is YOUR blog. I'm glad you're not starting a new blog.


pps, sorry this is so long but I like you and I don't want you to be unhappy, so there!

Barbara said...


missed you too!

Lindsay said...

I was thinking today of how I've missed you!
L.O. went back to school today and cried. It was so hard to leave her and then sit alone in the house all day, praying her day would get better.
I hope you get used to the silence for part of the day.
Thinking of you,

karen said...

That's my girl: "If you don't like my thoughts...bite me." I've missed you!

Sue said...

I, too, am glad you've let go of the separate blog idea. SO not necessary! I LIKE the way you let it all hang out!! It's your blog, after all...and if somebody doesn't like it, let 'em find a blog that caters to their boringness, need for decorum, or whatever.


PS. I, for one, like it *snarky*!

SnarkyMama said...

"enlightENment"...where is my "spell check" when I need it!

Shauna said...

dude lets face it blogging is not a summer sport!! we will all catch up soon. i am NOT dealing with lilly going to kindergarten.....totally a freakin mess! glad i am not alone!! i think i have issues, i hate having my kids away.

Karen said... name is Karen and I'm a Snarkaholic - you will get used to the 'alone' time but I always dread the start of school. I love having my kids around (except when they are crashing my mothers car!)

I am glad you said 'bite me'- I am sure you should feel comfortable on YOUR blog!

Look forward to your posts!

Love ya,

Laretha said...

girl, you will get back in the swing of it. have a great cup of coffee - either the boxes with get unpacked, unpack themselves (okay, well that won't happen) or they won't get unpacked and you will realize you didn't need all that extra crap anyway!

Feel your pain sending the baby to K. I did that last year - this year is MUCH easier!

Hugs - love you!

KC Mom said...'s like deja vu for me. I think I've been there a time or two...there now as a matter of fact.
On the other hand, it's good to hear you've got your bite me attitude going on!
If we lived closer we could commiserate on our empty nest.

em said...

LOVED this. so cute snarky, so cute. push those boxes aside and start making a snack for your crew an hour before they get home. that way you'll feel like they're home faster, right?! what do i know? i don't, i'm just thinking that's what i would do to pass the time;-)

Jill said...

Good to see you back! I get in funks all the time. But I'm in the "woo-hoo" two of my kids are gone to school 5 days a week celebration period. They were getting bored and driving each other nuts, which made me yell and pull hair. You think I'm joking. Not. Anyhow, I'm sure SOMEDAY I'll be sad about school staring. Just not this year.


P.S. I have two accounts and each has a different picture. I have the littljill one, and this one.

We're the same people.

Fiauna said...

School starts in one week. And while part of me is singing with joy, I'm pretty sure I'm going to find it just as you have--lonely.

caitsmom said...

Give yourself a break. For what it's worth I didn't read any failing, but rather someone who's figuring it out or may need some pause before she moves forward. That's why there are benches along the way on this journey! Hang in there.

I am LoW said...

I understand how the lost puppy feels. I can't relate to those that are happy to send kids off. I mean, they are going to be grown and moved out before we know it!!! What's the hurry??? I mean, I rather like my kids and their company!!

And by the way, I am all about your political rants on your blog. Your thoughts, your blog.

Kim said...

Snarky Mama said I needed to talk to you about being a "lost puppy". Andrew started kindergarten too and I am LIVING your pain! It is a "new season" of life, or so I hear, but I'm not embracing it at the moment either. Seriously, why is kindergarten ALL day? Ridiculous.

Rachel T. said...

Can you email me or comment on my blog with ur address so I can send you an invite?

Forester Family said...

I'm like you too, My prince has left me, and I'm the sad little puppy too!! I hope you are doing well. I was sad we didn't get to see you this summer. I think I was in FL while you were visiting family. Anyway, I guess we will make it, but moves and kids going to school, don't help us any. This moving is tough stuff sometimes. I love and miss ya'll.

love ya,