Thursday, May 21, 2009

Snarky Mama: EXPOSED!

Snarky Mama and I don't always agree. Are you shocked? It happens. There are times when you'd think the two of us come from entirely different universes. In fact, we've had heated conversations about a lot of things that really matter. Things like why I believe she should live on more than just water, Diet Coke and a few slices of bacon (yes TuTu's Bliss, you and Snarky Mama are both lovers of the bacon). We also really get into it when it comes to her undying loyalty to people who, quite frankly, treat her like crap more often than not. That's for another day. And, we don't always agree on religion even though we belong to the same church.

Today, I'm going to share something big...I mean really big. A difference of opinion that could shake the very core of our relationship. American Idol. I'm okay with the outcome. Snarky Mama? Well, not so much.

From the beginning, my mom was as Adam Lambert fan. In the beginning, I was indifferent. But as time went on, the guy grew on me. He grew on me because I truly appreciate art as well as outstanding performers. Adam Lambert is by far the most amazing "artist" to ever step foot on the American Idol stage. I get it. But, I still wasn't a fan. (To tell you the truth, nobody this season really won me over, no one made me want to vote....not like Chris Daughtry did....oh Daughtry, those were the good 'ol days. The days when I would dial until my finger was numb.) I appreciate art, but that doesn't mean I'm drawn to all kinds.

Ok, back to this season. I liked Matt Giraud. Snarky Mama really couldn't stand the guy. She mentioned a mole or something ridiculous like that, I don't know...but good grief woman, how shallow can you be? Week after week she went on and on about this Lambert kid. She even resorted to incessantly emailing Eleven Year Old, in an effort to brainwash him. Bad, bad Nana.

Like I said, I know Adam Lambert is a gifted artist. The guy is an unbelievable performer. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him. But, I don't care for the scream, and I'm not in love with falsetto. Also, I don't like eyeliner on guys guyliner (even when my beloved Daughtry wears it, I don't like it). I find it distracting. It's just not my thing. Moles aren't really my thing either, but I (unlike Snarky Mama) am not shallow. Not liking someone because of a mole=shallow. Finding guyliner distracting=a simple observation.

But forget the cosmetics of it all, I actually prefer the voice of Matt Giraud (except for when he used his falsetto too much, and not very well). But, he sings and that's what American Idol is about. I know Adam Lambert is a fantastic performer, I just don't think his voice is as great as his stage skills are. And let's face it, when I play a song on my iPod, I'm not seeing the performance. It's all about how the notes hit my ears. And I prefer notes to be sung, not screamed at me. But Snarky Mama? Well, she's ALWAYS going to go with whoever has the best stage presence, outfits, hair, nails, and makeup...regardless of the talent. Ughhh, how can a person be so superficial? Especially my own mother! I thought I taught her better. This hurts, it really hurts.

I can only think of one way to help my mother. Today the truth must be revealed. Today, I expose the basis of my mother's Lambert obsession. It all boils down to one word: CHER. That's right, Snarky Mama loves Adam Lambert not for who he is, but for who she thinks he can become. You see, my mother's world will be rocked (and not in the good way) when Cher leaves this earth. Before this season of AI, if my mother had outlived Cher, it wouldn't have been pretty. But now she can sleep peacefully. Never fear because she's found Adam Lambert! I don't know if this means Cher is manly or Lambert is womanly, and I don't really care either. (But if you think about it, they are oddly similar. Really, go ahead. Think about it...because what else do you have to think about? This stuff matters people!)

Your dirty little secret is out Snarky Mama. You don't care about Adam. Stop masquerading as some lover of Adam Lambert. You don't love him for who he is. You love him for who you want him to become. You are a sad, sick little woman and I hope you get the help you need.

P. freakin S.
Oh I can't stand it when I have to come back and explain myself with a p.s. Since this post, and since Snarky Mama's scathing comment, she and I have talked. FOR THE RECORD...I am NOT judging Adam by his guyliner! I haven't judged the kid at all. Seriously, I respect that he took the show to a whole new level. I enjoyed watching as he did it! Also, I never said I thought Kris Allen was a better singer or performer. He's not, and I find his facial expressions absolutely painful to watch. I just said, while I appreciate Adam's gifted artistry, it doesn't draw me in as far as music goes. None of them really drew me in this season.

Snarky Mama wants me to be clear that she loves Adam for Adam, not for who he reminds her of. And look, I had no idea there was some WHACKED OUT "Christian movement" on behalf of Kris. I find that disgusting and just plain STUPID. I don't care if Adam is straight, gay, or goes both ways. I don't care is Kris is straight, gay, or goes both ways. I watch AI for entertainment purposes only. I don't watch in hopes of finding my kids' next role model. So, I'm sorry Snarky Mama if some people didn't vote for your precious Adam based on their self-righteous judgements. But, don't throw me in that camp. If I had known that was happening, I probably would've voted for him just to spite the "movement". So there. And get this, Snarky Mama says I'm in "Adam denial". What? She says I'm the one with the problem. I'm beginning to think we both need help!


SnarkyMama said...

How could you rip a mother's heart, not only RIP it from her chest, but stomp on it....desecrating all that is if your disdain for Cher has not been a lifetime of disappointment for me, but NOW, now you have taken my only hope of sheer indulgence, enjoyment and complete entertainment and brutalized him....oh indeed, IT IS a MAD, MAD WORLD..........

and IF I Could Turn Back Time.... only if I could....I would Shoot you Down like Jesse James....

As far as YOUR picks, oh please....seriously....anyone who can compare a third eye that could be easily removed without impairing sight in any way to a little eyeliner....come on, guess you don't care for polish, either! Of course, when your boy, Chrissy wears it, you are so o.k. with that...."don't really like it", BUT if it is Chrissy Wissy who wears it, it is so about double standards...I mean I like Chris D. well enough but eyeliner on Daughtry looks kind of like an earring and tattoo would on Snarky Papa...just "oddly" placed...

Adam, on the other hand, it's so, what can I say... fitting...and the hair, oh my gosh....LOVE the hair..the voice...he is Elvis, Kiss, and Cher all rolled into one.......
Like the colossal embodiment of all that I find so refreshingly superficial and indulgent...I think the best part is KNOWING that it drives all of you who suffer from "entertainment declination and/or deprivation"
freakin' crazy!!!!! I just love that part! I can see you now when he hits the stage... the eye rolling, the disgruntled grunting, the hurls of criticism, the exclamation of the decline of the human race and all that is sacred due to "its like him!"....

Carry on...keep waving the banner for people like, what's his face, (what was his name)....oh, that's right...not gonna matter after a week or two or, if you want to buy his CD or anything, just look under the plain ole "VANILLA" section....I am sure he will be front and center....eyelinerless and all..and if you don't find him there just go to Conway Arkansas (or any town, USA) and check out the guy sitting on the back of the pick up strumming his guitar after Sunday go to meeting....(with his fakey little wife)ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........(wanna hear my prediction on that one...)!

As far me....oh no...I will not sit "idoly" by and let these moments pass, I will be there, front and center, when the Idol Tour comes this way....KNOWING there will be at least two potty breaks where I won't miss a thing! And you, young lady, just lost all hopes of being there...your ticket just got punched!!!!

Rock on Adam...Rock on...knowing you now stand on the pedestal where so few have ever stood, right beside Cher and there you will remain even when they "look right through you!".....and forever, I will remain.............

Snarky MAMA...for we are the real "ROCK STARS!"

Snarky our dirt.....eyeliner and all!!! :)

SnarkyMama said...

and here is my p.s. to her p.s.
Kind of scary thinking you might be outside the "circle of trust" isn't it....who dares to cross the Mama!!!!

Snarkettes, where are you????? Surely, there are some of you who love Snarky Belle enough to assist me with operation "Intervention Entertainment."....30 days of Adam singing "It's A Mad World" over and over on her IPOD.....

Esther said...

I hate to say it Snarky Mama and Belle, but I LOVE Kris!!! Yeah thats right, you heard me. Love him. I think he is way better than the "showy" Adam. I would never put Adam in my ipod. Screaming is just not that pleasurable. And whats with his tongue hanging out everytime he does scream. Ugh. Over him. Love the Kris and I would buy his music anytime! So there. Still love you though, even if you do like Cher...what?

K2cole said...

Some of us had to attend graduation last night and tonight so I haven't caught up on the preformances but...Adam rules!!! I think he is great (Freddy Mercury great) I Love the scream, the hair and even the guyliner (just not on my sons or husband!), I think he is the whole package. He is an Entertainer. Yes, like Cher! I am ok with Kris - I loved his Heartless performance. Matt - one word - YUCK!!

As to the "Christian vote" What are they thinking? It's not as if any of the contestants ever said anything about their personal lives and really right now who cares?

My last words - I missed Allison!

SnarkyMama said...

Oh know I will always love you, in spite of this most disturbing really loved what's his face? Bless your heart...:)

K2Cole...rock on my girl...rock on! Oh yeah!!!:)Adam's in the house! :) (
still can't hang with you on what's his face, though).

Magic Brush said...

I have NEVER been an Adam fan. I think he was..... "icky"....too "Adam's Family-ish" for me or Vegas performer. Or goth or I don't know.... but I was never a fan. Terrific performer... he'll be very successful.

I've been a Kris fan for the last 5 or 6 weeks. I think he is ADORABLE and extremely talented in an understated, sophisticated, confident sort of way.

I was shocked, but thrilled, when he won.

Unaware of the "Christian movement" for Kris. Were they anti-Adam..... or pro-Kris???

For the record... I can't stand Cher either.

I am "team Snarke Belle" all the way here. Sorry Snarky Mama. But love the banter between the 2 of you!

SnarkyMama said...

Magic Brush....again, even though you aren't an "Adamizer" are a still a snarkette and that makes you a.o.k. in my book!!!

Don't know that I can even address the "Cher" situation. I will light a candle for you and only hope that you and the rest of the dark "Cherless" world, Snarky included, can see the light!!! :)

The Captain said...

This is the Captain speaking: Please understand that Adam ruined the U2 song "One" and I will never forgive him for that....guyliner or not....that boy screeched his way to fame! And Kris was entirely too normal to be on that show. I am standing by my woman on this one.

Natalie said...

Yeah for Magic Brush and The Captain!

And, K2cole, you know I still love you, and I feel better knowing Snarky Mama has you in her corner! :)

Unfortunately, from what I've heard the Christian movement on behalf of Kris was more about being anti-Adam. Some have stooped so low as to call him an "it". Regardless of how anyone feels about the guy, that's just wrong. And, I certainly don't believe Christ would call him "it". Sometimes the things people do, in the name of Christ, sadden me... because it's not very Christlike behavior. I think I'll have to devote an entire post to that topic.

Magic Brush said...

I think that is a great post topic. Jesus hung out without sinners and we are to love the sinner....hate the sin. Unfortunately, sometimes people mean well.... but their hearts are hard and their methods are unChristlike.

Laretha said...

I hope I don't lose my "snarkette" card (similar to the man card only better)...

I'm with SnarkyMama...I was an Adam fan. My 15 year old was too and she was very, very upset he lost. Upset, shocked...I mean really - it was rigged. Possibly by a bunch of crazy Christians. You know I'm a Christian but to vote for "the other guy" just because he's the "straight" guy.

This isn't a straight vs gay competition. It's a singing competition and while Kris was as cute as the day is long, Adam was by far the more superior talent here.

If I was picking a boyfriend I would pick a heartbeat...but I was picking a singer and Adam had it hands down! (PS - I didn't vote so I really wasn't picking anything)

Oh and I secretly - in my closet - like Cher - don't love her - but I can sing me some "Turn back time". :-)

Firmly in Camp SnarkyMama.

Still love my SnarkyBelle though.

For the record...and I'm serious here...the word verification for my comment aren't going to believe this....i am laughing out loud....

It's "Croner" you know, like crooner. okay, not that funny but still...


Magic Brush said...

Me and Laretha are breaking up.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

I do believe I am the ONE person in the country who does not watch American Idol. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact we don't have cable and cannot pick up any channels - even with rabbit ears! I do have Internet - obviously. But, I don't think I'll ever invest the time to sit and watch AI on my computer.
However, if the contest was based on 'cuteness', Kris leads the pack. The Adam guy creeps me out. Maybe I'll check out youtube to see them actually perform. Maybe.

Magic Brush said...

P.S. If we are talking teams...I'm "Team Aniston" (not a Angelina fan)

SnarkyMama said...

You go Laretha so go!! Oh yeah, I am loving that one!

And you El Capitana...are you serious? You, of all people, are going to throw Adam and your mother-in-law under the bus for ONE song that HE did not pick...ONE song he was forced by the Simon-meister to far as what's his face just made my case..."too normal"=can you say VANILLA!!!!

After all the times I have stood by you, even down to fussing at Snarky for leaving the laundry for you to fold that one time...the shame, the shame, the shame of it all...

SnarkyMama said...

And another I the ONLY person who saw the whole weird blowfish facial expression what's his face made when he about creepy looking...what was that?!?!?!?! I'm just saying....

Mama Duck said...

Oh dear, dear, dear!! I am rendered speechless…S*P*E*E*C*H*L*E*S*S…where to begin? WHERE TO BEGIN?!! Snarky Belle & Snarky Mama ~ I don’t often do this, but today I think, nay I KNOW I must make an exception. I will speak my mind….you will listen (er…read)…and we’ll just get this whole little (ahem) “episode” behind us. American Idol? Really?? REALLY?! There were so many other things you could have been occupied with…you ask, for example, what was I doing? Well…that doesn’t really matter…but, if you must know…I was watching a movie and neglecting all the dishes screaming to be washed in my kitchen…then, I went to bed…that’s right, I didn’t wash them - they sat there all night…but, enough about me…back to you… Have you cleaned the jam between your toes lately? Removed hair build-up from your brushes? This would have been a wonderful use of your time. I suppose I can get the whole music appreciation thing, an entertainment show-down..I’m with you. But, to publicly disagree in this manner, well, it makes me…..gosh darn, it makes me love the heck out of both of you!! And miss you just that much more!! And, it sort of (just a little bit) makes me wish I had actually been keeping up with American Idol so I could render an honest vote one way or the other! Thanks for the giggles!

jen said...

Here I was, lamenting my oldest's graduation from seminary and high school, and I missed out on one of the best rants and exchanges in a while.
Snarky Mama, I'm so sorry to sass back, but really? I mean, he is very talented and has great stage presence, but so do Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Does that mean you love them, too?
As much as I liked him in the beginning, I must admit that Adam began to grate on me every week: nothing different, nothing new. But he will go far in his arena. Just not an arena I predict I will financially support. I have enough screaming, falsetto, and tongue-wagging with my five boys around.
Now Kris . . . I have a post percolating in my brain about him, but it will have to wait until morning because I just spent the last three hours sitting in a rainstorm (in AZ in May, truly unusual), watching my daughter NOT toss her cap (for fear of getting some greasy-haired guy's instead), listening to my thirteen-year-old complain that Hyrum had thrown up all over ("I need help, can you come home now?"), then coming home to find the puke clothes sitting on the kitchen counter. As truly important as AI is, I need to spend a little time in reality tonight. Until tomorrow, friends.

Natalie said...

I don't even know where to begin! This is so much fun!!
I honestly love you ladies! I mean, I really do.

Dang that Sue for going to visit her family, or I know she'd have something great to add to this little debate. :)

This is why I love AI...sometimes I need a distraction from the reality that is always lurking around the corner. And oh my, it is such a distraction.

Laretha my dear, you will NEVER lose your Snarkette card. You WILL one day be wearing a mighty fine tshirt proclaiming your status. But, the tshirts have to come after my move. Ohhhh, I am so happy you felt the same way about the anti-Adam voting!! And I did laugh at your word verification thing. Funny!

Magic Brush, you make me laugh!! You know I love you too!

Jen, what can I say?? I am so sorry for the puke clothes on the counter. And, we will all take a moment to think of you and the big transitions taking place. I've said before, since I've not had a child graduate and leave my home, I have no wisdom. But, I do love you and think of you often. Now, after you get reality situated, go find a nice distraction...just for a few minutes at least.
And yes, my mother does appreciate any sort of stage presence...even if it comes from the likes of Bill and Barry. It's not that she likes them, but she does appreciate their ability to draw people in...I think she may have world domination plans of her own, or some twisted something like that!

Snarky Mama, I have to admit I'm surprised...I thought Jen was an Adam fan. Oh well, you can't have all my people on your team. That would lead to some sort of power trip that could be just plain scary! (on another you have any nice thoughts for Jen, you know with her daughter graduating and leaving home....)

And my sweet Mama Duck....we love you! And, who cares about the dishes. They aren't going anywhere! have MANY more pressing matters to attend to. Thinking of you and love you tons!! And, I think it's pretty darn cool that you don't have cable.

Farewell for now my to hang with the 3 year old preschoolers!

SnarkyMama said...

Well, well, well...interesting little group we have here, now, huh?
I can understand your honest, heartfelt emotions and feelings, however confused and misguided the same may be....
The past few weeks have been so intense, so taxing on (how can I say this)...some of the more common little people.
I understand some of you have yet to obtain an "entertainment appreciation" level of that beyond a mere neophyte. Trust me,it took years of ridicule and abuse for me to achieve such a distinct and unique understanding of what really matters in life.
Bottom line.....Honey, if it don't sparkle, it don't shine!!!!!
And my boy, Adam, he is glowing and I am loving him..rant, rave, turn your back on the Mama who gave you Snarky! Go ahead,I shall not bend in the winds of your criticism and inability to be one with those of us who just "get it!"
Seriously,it's o.k.. That is why Baskin Robbins keeps Vanilla! Gotta have something for everybody, even those who choose to forever remain "safely ensconced" (ring a bell?)in their lackluster, safe little bubble of eyelinerless, sequinless, rhinestoneless (I am feeling nauseous at the thoughts)world of entertainment.
Hey, Snarky, now that Idol is over maybe those of you who "love" what's his face could start the "Watching Paint Dry" reality that "safe" enough for you?

Mama Duck.."toe jam" did you really say "toe jam" know southern belles don't have toe jam..nasty! Remember, we don't even sweat, we "glisten!" I know, I understand you were so taken back by the mere fact that Snarky could, so openly and without hesitation, out her own about throwing momma from the train!!
Dishes? Wash them?? Yuck! Don't you just throw them away and get new ones??? Oh well....still loving our Mama Duck!!!

Jen, Jen, Jen..I have to tell you Snarky totally misread this one! (So unlike her). She thought for sure you were in my corner....but, hey, I get, too, are very distracted. (I do have some great thoughts for you. Snarky graduating from high school, leaving home..rocked my world. I will save those thoughts for after I am able to resolve this whole AI issue and return to, well, the more frivolous things in life).

But, for now...I want you to know that I, too, have been somewhat distracted at various times and almost, almost went into the dark abyss of believing that if something could not be covered with rhinestones and sequins, it did not even have to be fried, either......oh those, were some dark days! But, alas, I recovered quickly.

I understand with all that is happening in your busy household, "puke clothes" included, Adam was a little overwhelming...I understand, really I do....don't worry, you will return to normal, soon enough and I bet "Mad World" will be your new theme song..until then, just know I love ya, anyway!

OM.."Cuteness?" Cute, is NOT the issue...Talent, genius, stardom, fame, THOSE are the issues...Cute is just such an "average" term...puppies are cute, babies are cute, beenie babies were cute... Cute, in this sense, would be like taking a prize winning cow to a horse show...nice cow, really nice cow, but it's a HORSE show..

HOWEVER, the proof is right are, by far, the smartest snarkette of us cable...
Seriously, do you realize the chance you are taking here....your children could grow up never knowing the likes of Adam, Cher, and all the great ones?!?!? They might actually grow up thinking that there is something deeper, less superficial than sparkle and shine?? Bless their hearts and bless your heart, for when they are valedictorians and the like, through clenched teeth they will mouth words, like "Thanks Mom, we never EVEN knew AI was happening!" And how, how will you feel then??? Will "cute" even matter then??

Just in case anyone is starting to worry..I'm fine, no really, I am fine b/c down in my heart I know it..I know ADAM WON..ADAM IS THE WINNER.and The WORLD WILL KNOW ADAM..really I'm fine!

Snarkettes, you are the BEST!
o.k... Snarky, even YOU still ROCK!

P said...

I have one thing to say to Snarky Mama...PLEASE keep the "Mad World" performance on your TIVO list as long as possible and we will have that on our IPODS soon!!!!

Natalie-you missed many great nights in Snarky Mama's living room with the lights dimmed, volume all the way up, and the two of us waving our arms in the air as Adam-azing sang his heart out. I can't tell you how many times "Little Brother" would walk in and roll his eyes thinking are you guys serious..not this song again!! Don't get me wrong he LOVES Adam but maybe rewinding the performance five times a night is a little much :)

And as for Matt, leave the hats for Justin Timberlake. That's all I am going to say on that one.

SnarkyMama said...

And don't forget Snarky Papa pretending he was flicking a lighter and holding it up....geez, louise, those were the good ole days....

But, really, I'm fine...I'm over it!! Really....

Sue said...

I may be on vacation, but I do NOT miss a chance to come down firmly on Adam's side of this argument (and Snarky Mama's, of course).

I'm not a particular fan of rock music or guyliner either, but Adam's talent transcends one musical genre. That guy is more talented than most of the major stars out there. Sure, he has "the scream" in his arsenal, but that's only one facet of this many-faceted diamond in the not-so-rough. Did you hear him sing (not just "Mad World") but "Tracks of My Tears"? He had Smokey Robinson crying! And let's face it, every other famous "guest advisor" that came on the show was blown away by Adam, too. The guy's range is incredible, and he can come at a note from any angle and hit it perfectly, which is a clear indication (as my 82-year-old mother, the concert musician and fellow Adam-enthusiast, tells me) that he also has perfect pitch. Yes, he would be more my style if he sang more "Mad World" and less "We Are the Champions," but that doesn't take away from his pure, amazing vocal talents. And yes, I did root for him all the more because of the whole gay thing. Somehow, I wanted America to prove to me that it could vote on ability, not sexual orientation. But...not so much, apparently. (I'm definitely NOT including you in the rabid radical Christian group, Snarky, as I know that shoe would never fit your free-to-choose foot...but there were more than a few who did vote for all the wrong reasons). And that bothers me. A lot.

As for Kris, I think he's a likeable, talented guy. I also think Matt is more talented than Kris but that he has severe stage fright...which, admittedly, is a bit of a problem in a rock star.

So there you are...straight from Sore Loser Sue, stationed somewhere in Palm Desert, California


PS. Mad love to both Snarky Belle and Snarky Mama...and how come neither one of you has commented on my giveaway post? Last chance is tonight at 11:59, and your names need to be there!

SnarkyMama said...

Oh yeah...I am so doing my "happy dance." The cavalry came...I knew she was coming..I just knew it!!

Sue, Sue, Sue, you are the woman!

Not to be childish or anything but... "nanny nanny poo poo"...

Whoopee...I am SOOOOOOOO doing the happy dance!!! Can you see me now, Snarky Belle!?!?!?

p.s. I am going to comment, now, as we speak!!!

Laretha said...

I subscribed to the comments and my crackberry went crazy as I turned my phone on between flights. I haven't laughed this hard at an airport since, well...ever!

So somewhere in this string Snarky Mama left a comment about rhinestones and seriously, how can any proper girl not love a little bling!?!? I have bling on my shirt AND flip flops today!

Adam ROCKS! Both will do just fine and we will get to enjoy their music for years to come...well at least ADAMS for years to come!!

What a class act he is with his interviews saying how he isn't disappointed and thrilled for Kris. I mean what a guy!!!

SnarkyBelle, thank you for not taking away my card! I am so glad all of us can agree to disagree!!

Shauna said...

Man I will never miss another season again...this little blog cat fight is making my day!! i do like me a little Cher and what is wrong by living off Diet coke???

Fiauna said...

Not an Adam fan. Not a Kris fan. Not an Idol fan this season. But, if I had to comment ... I'm with Snarky. I don't like the screaming. Don't like the guyliner. Don't like the glam-rock.

Brenn said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I have not laughed this hard in such a long time!! I guess it's time for me to quit being a creeper and actually comment. Snarky Belle, I love ya girl, but I gotta go with your momma and my momma (k2cole) on this one: ADAM ROCKS!! I knew it the first time I heard him sing. I generally am not best friends with a guy who wears his eyeliner better than I do, but HOLY DANG!!! Yup, I love him. Kris had one good song, and thats all. Adam has all good songs, except that one Simon made him sing.

P.S. Snarky Mama, I love that you call him the Simon-meister :)

MammaWarrior said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I can not believe the claws that have come out over here! (I should have come sooner ahahaha)
First of all I have to say I am SOOOO Team Aniston!!!

I have missed most seasons of AI and this season I caught only the last few episodes. I hate the guy-liner. It makes me very uncomfortable to see (I know weird huh??) But I can say this much, Kris is well, boring. I would not vote for either of them. Now Chris D..that's a very nice man to watch do i am going to vote for him, again :)
I know I really can't but I want to