Monday, May 18, 2009

She Wasn't Briefed on the Briefing

Poor wittle Nancy Wancy...did those big, bad, nasty CIA bullies mislead you?

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you don't read my blog do you? Months ago I mentioned you were going to have to stop whining and blaming. Learn to form coherent sentences besides your standards: "Bush lied." , "The Bush administration misled me.", etc. While those statements contain truth, when that's all you have to offer, you become less than credible...and you don't sound too smart either.

Look Nancy, I never wanted you to fail. I never wanted you to be such a colossal embarrassment. I simply wanted you to put your big girl panties on and get the job done. But repeatedly you do nothing more than point your finger at others, regurgitate your Bush-bashing rhetoric (which let's face it, takes little to no original thought), and stare blankly like Bambi in headlights.

Why didn't you take notes back in 2003? During those meetings, when you were so cruelly misled, it never crossed your mind to jot a few things down? Bummer for you, because the CIA did. Oopsy! I mean great, big oopsy! Big girls, in big girl panties,we know to always take notes! I don't make one phone call regarding my household without jotting down notes! You run the biggest House around, and you don't feel the need for notes? Interesting.

Big girls, in big girl panties, also know you might want to be careful when you say things like: "I knew about waterboarding in 2003." Ouch, how badly did that sting when it came back to bite you in the butt? If you felt so misled, why in the world didn't you mention that LAST week when you made the above remark? In your haste to attack the Bush administration and begin some torture investigation, you spouted off with: "I knew about waterboarding in 2003." Once you felt some heat, your handlers told you to come back with statements like: they misled, they lied, blah-blah-blah. So let me get this straight, it took you several days after admitting to knowledge of waterboarding before realizing you felt misled. Oh, okay.

Do you even have a spine? Stand up woman! You are infuriating me! At best, you are just another politician who makes horrifically misguided decisions. If you knew in 2003, I don't care how it was presented to should have done some thinking. If you are that easily misled, you need a new job! Seriously, who takes anything that comes from any government agency at face value. And, if you do, I don't want you representing me in any position. Because that means you don't have what it takes to get the job done in a respectable manner.

Nancy, I'm disappointed. From your actions I gather you thought your gender alone would be all you needed to find success. Being the first woman Speaker and the first successful woman Speaker are NOT the same things. I know about fifty women who could do your job, and do it well. I don't give a sorry rat's rearend if the Speaker is a man or a woman, I just want the job done right! It's obvious from that vacant look in your eyes, you are so far outta your league, your head is spinning.

There's no way you can pedal fast enough to fix this one. But luckily, you have spin doctors surrounding you...they do incredible work, especially when it comes to the back-pedaling part. And once again, the politicians will come out smelling like roses, another government agency (one that isn't perfect, but does help keep us safe) takes the hits, and the people left screwed are (as always) the American people.

Way to go Nancy. What exactly have you done to improve anything? Apparently you are only adding to the multitude of problems we are facing. I have some big girl panties you can borrow. Holy crap...I just figured out why you wear pull-ups! It's easier to take the sting of things biting you in the butt through the padding of a pull-up. Problem is Nancy Wancy, you are an adult! You should be accountable. You should take the sting when it's yours. If you can't do that, then you shouldn't be Speaker of any House.


Frosty said...

Accountability. A word that so many have lost the meaning of. Especially those people we entrust so much to. What message are our children (the FUTURE of America) receiving when they watch Nancy (and others) skate out on responsibility and being accountable?

Big girl panties, a phrase I use often. Usually it's accompanied by:
"Put on your big girl panties and I won't be forced to beat you with your stiletto!"

I wonder if she would get the message if we mail her a pair of big girl panties?

Well put Natalie!

Sue said...

I've been completely out of the Washington loop for two weeks (haven't even listened to the news)...but it doesn't surprise me that Pelosi is up to her old tricks. (Sadly, she hails from my area, and we are all too well acquainted with her nonsense.) And her toadying.

i simply can't stand her.


SnarkyMama said...

Oh my gosh...I don't know which I enjoyed more...your excellent description of "Pelosi the Pitiful" (one so vivid, I actually can see her in the "pull-up"...although I admit I wish I could that imagery out of my head!)
or the fact this is the Snarky Belle that I absolutely crack me up! Today's post was the best laugh I have had in a couple of weeks.

I mean if you were playing darts, this one hit the "bulls-eye" dead!!

Seriously, isn't the "it's HIS fault"...Bush blaming party getting old? I don't know what is going to happen to our nation...I honestly feel like I am watching a really, really bad movie with really, really, really bad acting!
These people learned only one line, "He did it!"

When I think "successful women" let me tell you, "Pelosi the Pitiful" NEVER crosses my mind...that would be when I think of women who defied all odds....

The odds of an absolute air-headed, bimbonic, whiny baby being Speaker of the House were simply too great to even imagine and the fact that people entrusted to "govern" our lives put her there is even more amazing!!!!

Yep, I think the idea of sending her a pair of "big girl panties" would fit perfectly! Great idea!Maybe we should put a "Binky" in, as well...she really needs to stick something in that mouth of hers so we don't have to hear the incessant whining..........really, get a grip, girl!

Good job, Belle, really, really good can be the Speaker of my House any day!! (And we all know I would not give that job to just any body!!!). :)

RitterB's said...

AHHHH You, Miss Snarky Belle, were my breath of FRESH air this morning. Thank you!

Krystyn said...

You are so right on.

I don't even think she knows she's lying. That's the worst part!

jen said...

Big girl panties. Hilarious.
Isn't it about time that everyone stopped blaming Bush for every problem or lack of judgment or governmental error. He lives in Texas now, in case you haven't noticed. And now there's a new sheriff in town, even if he's wearing Ferragamo instead of Justin and Stetson.
How I can't wait until we can start blaming Obama for all our ills. That should be now, but . . . I'll wait as patiently as I can.

K2cole said...

WOOT!!WOOT!! Poor Nancy pancy!

Loved the post.

Carly said...

All I can ever say about Nancy Pelosi is that she is not, nor will ever be, the speaker of MY house!!

karen said...

I know - what is UP with her? I've never heard anyone whine like she does! How long can everyone continue to blame Bush for everything? And it's interesting that no one ever blamed Clinton for anything - it's always Bush. Nancy makes me crazy with her whining and pandering.

KC Mom said...

I've got some big girl panties I could mail. Let's put together a big box of them and mail them to her!
Thanks for calling her what she truly is...a whiner!!

SnarkyMama said...

So, Snarky Belle, will you write the "big girl panty" letter for us to include in the panty gift box?????

Snarkettes, let me know when you are ready to ship the "panties!"

Shauna said...

Seriously...she makes me sick! Thanks for the laugh, she is a JOKE!
Well said Snarky well said

Fiauna said...

Well said as usual, my friend. Well said.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

You said it, Natalie.

Anonymous said...

I don't like my name any more!

Magic Brush said...

Has Nancy had too much botox????

Colby said...

I'm waiting for her spin doctors to really handle the whole "CIA lied to Me-Congress" bit. Seeing as how it's a crime to lie to Congress, one would think her spinners would have prepped her a bit better. Her camp's been quiet since this little reminder was played for them.

Well said. (P.S. I'm new here. I don't remember how I found you, but I'm glad I did.)

em said...

ok, first things first, hire a speach writer and then read it WORD FOR WORD. it's not pretty when you stutter.

Mel said...

I simply love you...