Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've Sunk to the Level of Spewing...and it is not pretty

My husband is home from the sand pit of hell for exactly 2 weeks. That's all, 2 measly weeks. And I'm trying to "enjoy every minute", "cherish this time" we've been given...etc, etc.

I'm intentionally staying away from news channels and anything that distracts from the warm, fuzzy, happy-happy-joy-joy moments we should be having. And, for the most part, it's working! Or I should say, it was working. Until this afternoon. Until I was directed to this story that has to be shared.

And now I feel sick. Just plain ill. I'm sure my level of disgust is taken to an entirely different level altogether because my husband, and so many others, have taken an oath. An oath that calls them to lay their very lives on the line, if necessary, so that others can speak freely and protest. But this is taking those rights entirely too far! COMPLETE IDIOTS terrorizing A CHILD...A CHILD so scared he has to HIDE in his OWN HOME, the one spot that should be his safe place! The pathetic wastes of skin who pulled that stunt DO NOT deserve the sacrifices of honorable men and women. Yes, I am yelling. This is NOT about politics. This is not about standing for what you believe in and protesting peacefully. They could have done that outside a bank or an office building. This is about CHILDREN and their right to feel safe inside their homes!!

No arrests were made because officials were worried that might "incite" the crowd. There were some in the mob who actually followed the man into his home as he was trying to reach his scared son.

Where in the hell was the mainstream media on this one?!? OHHHH, let me guess...covering those lunatics at the Tea Parties! Covering the president of Mexico chastising America on the floor of Congress...covering his condescending remarks, but never asking him to share what exactly his people do to those entering his country illegally. Interesting.

In case you're wondering, spewing does make a girl feel better. A nice release so she can go and "enjoy every minute"; otherwise, the girl would sit all night and worry about the kid who was terrified, hiding in the bathroom of his home.


jen said...

It's the day for spewing, I suppose. I CANNOT believe this. What the hell?
Will there be any ramifications for this stunt? Doubtful. Maybe some conservative will get hold of the information and not blow it out of perspective (as many on talk radio are wont to do), and make a change. Doubtful again.
Hug that man of yours. Tell him thank you from me. Play as your family. Enjoy these two weeks.
p.s. Just had to add: my word verification is "Snarc." Just had to share!

Snarky Belle said...

Jen, that is the very thought I had!! PLEASE don't let the talk radio people twist this. It's so awful in and of itself. It shouldn't be used as a piece in their game, or anyone else's.

Love your verification word! :)

Karen said...

Unbelievable! I am not only in shock of the mobsters but somewhat of the commenters on that post!!

Enjoy your honey and thank you both for willing to serve this country, We love you and are behind you 100%!!

Hugs and kisses to your family.

Melanie said...

Unbelieveable! I am sick of the media, sick of these groups, sick of all of it. I want fall 2010 to get here and FOR SURE 2012. UGH!

Enjoy your time with your hubby and tell him thank you thank you thank you for all that he does!

Melanie said...

Sorry...that should be unbelievable. I should read it before hitting send. LOL!

KC Mom said...

I'm horrified.
Things are really spiraling out of control. And it's pretty scary.

Frosty said...

It scares me that this crap happens and the media chooses to ignore put light on "more important things" as you mentioned before.

Natalie you are more generous than me...there would NOT have been a warning given two or three times. Grabbing a gun would have served as the ONLY warning when it comes to protecting my kids.

Steer clear from the media the remainder of your hubsters stay; you deserve to enjoy every moment with him.


Jill said...

I"ve been trying to avoid the media too, it just makes me angry.

I wish there were a 911 call out of this that someone could get their hands on. This is ridiculous, and of course it's not on the TV.

Tell your husband that we hare grateful for his service. And now STAY AWAY FROM THE MEDIA--at least for two weeks. Then give us a report (well not of EVERYTHING**wink)

karen said...

I hadn't heard this story at all. Have I been under a rock or did it just get no play? It's terrible! Unions are so dangerous and they have waaay too much power, and I'm so tired of the media picking and choosing what gets to be news every day. Thanks for sharing this.

karen said...

Oh - and enjoy having your husband home. How wonderful is that? Two glorious weeks! Don't let the world intrude too much. And I'm with Jen: give him our biggest THANK YOU.

Sue said...

This is completely outrageous. I can't even believe it. And I had heard nothing about it at all.

It's unconscionable that there were no arrests.


PS. Having said that, I'm so happy The Captain is home, even for a short stint.

Krystyn said...

I hope you are trying to enjoy the time with your hubby and feel better after your "spew."

I don't know how people like that even get to be called parents.

Ash said...

Oh holy Hell - I never saw this!!! The disgust I feel.


Enjoy every second of your two weeks!!