Monday, May 3, 2010

Apparently I'm Predictable

Eight Year Old: "I'm usually not so excited to get back to school on Monday."

Me: "Why are you already looking forward to Monday, it's Saturday afternoon."

Eight Year Old: "Remember that cute girl I told you about? I get to sit by her in the program because we're two of the tallest kids. Monday we're gonna practice for our program. And I think I'll wear the new shirt you bought me on Tuesday."

Me: "Tuesday, why not Monday?"

Eight Year Old (complete with eyes rolling, head shaking, and a slightly condescending chuckle): "Mom. You can't be for real. That is sooooo predictable. Every kid that gets a new shirt on Saturday wears the shirt to school on Monday. I'm not that kid. So, I'll wait and wear my shirt Tuesday. That's how I like to do things."

I don't love this child any more than I love the others. Promise. It's his material. Twelve Year Old is funny too, when he's making his iMovies and acting out entire movie scenes. It's a different kind of humor. And Six Year Old (because she informed me she's "too grown for the nickname Princie")? Well she makes us laugh also, but in the same way that every kid on the planet makes his/her parents laugh. But Eight Year Old is witty, without ever trying to be. And he's anything but predictable.

On a different note, my Snarky Mama had some things to say about illegal immigration. Snippets of what she wrote:

Do not preach to me about ancestry, predecessors, family immigrants. My grandfather dropped out of school in the 3rd grade. He could barely read, he could hardly write, he was pulled out of a field at 16 years old to be a "sparring partner" for boxers and wrestlers. He had worked in those fields 12-14 hours a day for one dollar a day...a dollar.
He was not angry, he was not bitter. He knew if his children did not want to do virtually the same, they had to change the course and direction of their lives. His son, my father, worked 3 jobs while going to medical school with 4 children, one who was critically ill and spent most of his childhood hospitalized. My father EARNED the "American Dream." He is the last of a dying generation, people who knew what "Let Freedom Ring" means.

I will be the first to say there was a time in this country that the color of your skin was demonized and many, many innocent people suffered at the hands of those who ignored "and justice for all." That was a time of shame for us all. We have learned and we have grown, no one can deny that...there is evidence of that growth all around.

The operative word is "illegal." I do not want words like "illegal" watered down. I want those who are sworn to uphold the law to do so with integrity. I want the country that was preserved to thrive...I want my "America" back...if you do not want to follow the rules to be here and you want to be rewarded because you "showed up"...I will be damned before I say that is o.k.. Far too many lives were lost and too high a price has been paid for this piece of land to be cheapened. Come with the willingness to stand beside me, regardless of MY skin color, and fight WITH me to preserve this land, [come with] DESIRE to obey the law and do so with respect for OUR flag, OUR forefathers, OUR language, OUR freedom. That's right...YOU, ME should EQUAL "OURS"...ONE NATION assimilated together with a rainbow of colors standing side by side to keep this the greatest nation on earth! If you are not willing to do that, do not come at all.


Karen said...

Last thing we want is 'Predictable' in our lives!!

Thanks for the heads up about your Mamas post, we have missed you both!

KC Mom said...

I'm so the opposite where I wear my new clothes right off the bat....mostly because I'm really needing them and that's why I buy them!
You're Mom said it well....

jen said...

I've missed your Mama too!
Glad you're both back.
Maybe he needs two new shirts if she's that cute.

Aubrey said...

Kudos to Snarky Momma.


Rachel Mohat said...

LOL That is so cute that he puts that much thought into things like that, at that age. As if girls his age really think about him wearing a shirt on Monday being predictable. TOO CUTE!!!

Maybe he should wear a new shirt, but get it dirty so it doesn't really "look" new?

karen said...

You do have funny kids. Good that he doesn't want to be predictable. Keep 'em guessing.
Mama always says it well. I guess that's where you get it.

Sue said...

What a cool dude. And I love that Princie is "too grown" to be called by such a childish moniker. heehee

Your mom's post was dead-on. i loved it.


SnarkyMama said...

I must say just one more piece of evidence that I, indeed, have some of the cutest grand-kids on earth!!!

One thing is very predictable...they just keep getting cuter! Must be that "Nana" influence! :)

Snarkettes, thanks for stopping by my blog...I really do appreciate your reading and COMMENTING (my favorite part!).

Allyson & Jere said...

Hi, I'm a jenny Denton follower and have occassionaly stopped by to read on your blog. But this is the first time I've commented. I HAD to comment because your Moms words were beyond AMAZING! I was moved and so impressed with all she said, and the conviction with which she said it. Thank you for sharing that. EVERYONE should read that.

Also, your son sounds hysterical. Who thinks that way, really? So cute!

Melanie said...

I am SO happy that you are back:) I have missed you.

You look great too by the way:)

L said...

tyler makes me laugh like that - i know what you mean. :-)

i love snarky momma!

jacki lee said...

I'm crazy about that boy... and the other boy AND the girl of yours. You have an amazing family- especially the hold-the-fort-down-while-the-Captain-serves-the-world-Momma you are!

Krystyn said...

Predictable..that's good, right?

And, yes, your mom is of course right...again! Smart woman, that momma of yours.