Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

The United States Congress looks like a freakin' three ring circus. What a bunch of clowns. You know what? I take that back...that statement is completely unfair to all of the authentic circus and rodeo clowns, who happen to be much more respectable and hard-working than the idiot ones on The Hill.

The lack of stimulus bill "transparency" has been a concern for many of us. The hasty handout of taxpayer money never made us feel at ease. But, we thought we'd give it a chance because the greatest show on Earth convinced us that if things didn't happen IMMEDIATELY, our demise was inevitable. So, one of two things happened: (1.) No one had the presence of mind to consider that bailout money would be used to pay execs' bonuses OR (2.) The clowns just hoped nobody would catch wind of what was being slipped in through the back tent. Frankly, neither of those options make me the least bit comfortable.

Chris Dodd is all over the place. Bless his heart, he doesn't know which way is up. He didn't know the "loophole language" was there. But then he did know, and he wanted it removed. But now he thinks he didn't really know after all. Confused? Yeah, so is he. There was a provision in the original stimulus legislation that would have banned the bonuses. It was removed. Wednesday, Mr. Dodd said his staff agreed to requests, made by the administration, to remove the executive pay provision.

Barney Frank is foaming at the mouth, and well, it's just not pretty. He wants the names of any AIG execs who refuse to return their bonuses. Many of these bonus recipients are already receiving more than they bargained for...death threats. It has been reported that the threats include things like: "They should be executed with piano wire around their necks."

Now, while I am completely appalled and disgusted by our tax money paying millions in bonuses, I am also appalled by this talk of piano wire executions. It's disturbing actually. And made even more so by the fact that Barney Frank fuels this dangerous fire. He is demanding the names and says it's possible their anonymity will be refused. Look, I get that this sucks. But, it also sucks when the very people responsible (for giving away our money with no provisions for its use), become so grossly cavalier. Mr. Frank, we have a justice system, and it doesn't involve piano wire. You are a strange little man, aren't you?

The bottom line is, if Congressional leaders (and I really hesitate even using that word, leaders) had paid as much attention to the bailout "language" as they plan on paying to those who don't return the bonus money, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. So, I've written a letter to the three ring circus performers on The Hill.

Dear Ringmaster Pelosi and Bunch of Idiot Clowns,
We aren't falling for your tricks. We aren't impressed by your rush to damn the
executives and their bonuses. If anything, we're a little puzzled. You gave them our money, now you want to burn them at the stake for using what you gave them? Surely you didn't believe they could be trusted to wisely use taxpayer money? I wonder...Maybe it was much more about showing them that they could trust you. We're wondering why you removed provisions that would have held them accountable for how our money was spent. But then, you rarely take the high road do you? The only thing you really care about stimulating is your power trip. You should know, the American people aren't enjoying your show. Your show stinks.

We want our money back. And no, tickets to a future show won't cut it! We want our hard-earned nickels and dimes put back into our piggy banks where they belong.
Bite Me,

I began writing this earlier in the day, as I watched the circus show unfold. Since then, a bill has been passed to heavily tax AIG bonus money. I sincerely tried to remain bi-partisan here, but Pelosi just ruins it every time! She really had the nerve to thank Democratic leaders for "protecting the national interest". Good grief! She is thanking the very people who allowed the executive bonus "loophole language" fiasco to take place. When someone trashes my house, so sorry, but I'm not going to thank them for cleaning it up....especially when the only reason they want to clean up is so they can look like a hero.


mom said...

Great post....Not much has frightenend me more than knowing the people who were elected to work to protect our interests are actually the "terrorists from within."

Reminder: "A government large enough to give you everything you want is large enough to take away everything you have."

Someone far wiser and greater than I once said that....however, I feel he is long forgotten. After all he only helped form this country.

We used to have this document called "The Constitution."

Would be nice if the "circus performers" would refer to it from time to time. This reminds me of a little something called a "Bill of Attainder" (Art. 1 Section 9)... clearly says it is "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" to create a penalty for something and "retroactively" or "after the fact" reach back to specifically punish a person(s)....Once upon a time it was actually called a "Bill of Pain and Penalties"....people, sometimes we refer to them as "Founding
fathers" (bless their hearts...they had no idea what beligerent, misguided children would follow) those people, thought there was something inherently wrong with a government that could "RULE and REIGN" at its every whim...They had a real problem with the government deciding they would take away private property, punish criminally, all sorts of things by magically changing the rules midstream...
They really thought "We The People" should have some say in how the "House" was run....after all it is ours...

Yep, The "RingMaster has taken Center Ring" and if you aren't worried, you better be....who knows, next week, next month, next year, the rules could change on a whim...

As "Little Brother" said last night...if they can just reach back and impose a greater/extra/penalty tax on a certain group of people today, they can certainly do it it could be teachers, let's say 40%...then let's tax the doctors, mmmmm oh, I don't know, we will pick 65%...oh and while we are at it, lets get all salesman who travel (they use the road more)yeah...70%...I like this game...make the rules up as you go, that way you always win!...(I'm probably safe...lawyers will be next to last, politicians will be at the bottom)...better yet, the people who represent your interest and mine could be talking about how "we ought to just commit suicide!"

I think we do have something greater to fear than fear is people who walk like us, talk like us (with the exception of Barney Frank) and they are not us at all...they are imposters masquerading as "Americans." In reality...they are freaks in (Snarky Belle's so appropriately dubbed) 3 Ring Circus....

"Ladies and Gentlemen" step right up...the greatest show on earth has begun!" Be careful, watch every minute, you just might miss something...wait I already know what we will never see....
"Honesty and Integrity"....they are not performing!

Diva Scrapper said...

Well written...enjoyed your post. Stopping by from SITS to say Hello!

Michelle said...


Sue said...

Don't even get me on that Pelosi bandwagon. The woman drives me crazy, and she's from the Bay area, so I get to be even more aware of her.

As for Congress, they are pathetic. What a bunch of grandstanders trying to be indignant now that the chickens have come home to roost. Reminds me of a bunch of preschoolers pointing their fingers and saying, "He did it. She did it." Makes me want to strike them down. Seriously.

Great post, by the way. Got me all worked up this morning, and I was already worked up about it yesterday!

little jill said...

I was just about to write what your mom wrote.

It Scares the BEJEEBERS out of me that they decided to go back and Tax it out--retroactively. So what happens when they don't like what others are doing. And with the expansion of government and their meddling into business--like Obama's new idea to have some sort of commission or something of that sorts to regulate businesses so this won't happen again---dipping their toes in so they can gain control. What happens if they see what they don't like--such as a business making too much money--are they going to decide to tax them.

Big Government=Scary

We have a student loan, I hope they don't go back and decide that we did something wrong and decide to retroactively adjust our interest rate.

They are setting a precedent (did I spell that right?) I don't like that.

Keep it up woman. And of course you can link. YOu can always link.

anything for the cause.

P.S. Do you know where I can get a shirt that says I heart Capitalism??
I've decided I really want one. Let me know.

Katie Hatch said...

Hi Natalie-Just checking in to see if you still want the headband. If you'd rather the coral rose on a clip that is $10. Just let me know :)

Fiauna said...

Someone should have reminded the people before the elections that the people run the government--not the other way around. The government is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Soon we won't be America any longer.

Well said, Snarky, well said!

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

love it, love it, love it.

K2cole said...

I. AM. NERVOUS. I am amazed that our President is on Leno, soft petaling his unsupervised spending, when things are soo bad. I wonder if I should just stuff my mattress, or will it just be paper? Maybe I will follow Scarlet and just invest in gold.

Great post.

Aubrey said...

I know this is random, but what are the dimensions for your banner with the padlock on it?

Shauna said...

Thank you! and I second the "bite me" comment (that made me smile)! Well said snarky, well said. It makes me sick to my stomach!

Aubrey said...

Let's ask Cheryl. She'll know!!!

karen said...

I'm just really surprised that more people aren't talking about the uncontitutionality of the retroactive taxes on these bonuses (I mean, other than the folks here.) I don't think the bonuses should have gone out in the first place, but taxing mightily after the fact because the Traveling Circus was either A) too stupid to realize or B) too dishonest to admit they knew it all along is so so wrong. It can, and will happen to all of us unless someone stands up and screams about it - or else takes them to Court. I have to believe they'd win, but these days you can't even take that for granted. It's getting scarey out there.

karen said...

Natalie - Just a quick question: I found out the other day that an old friend of mine and his family live in your neck of the woods in MD. Greg and Patrice Young - do you happen to know them? They are LDS, so thought you might.

Brad said...

Snark it baby! Keep snarkin' it!