Saturday, March 28, 2009


The Captain and I have done quite a bit of talking the past few days. He isn't completely comfortable with my sharing our current Princie situation. At first I was extremely defensive. After all, the premise of this blog is "Unlocking the Silence". I wouldn't want anyone to mistake my not writing about this for shame or denial. NOTHING could be further from the truth as there is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to deny. But, my husband and I are a team, and I value his input greatly.

After a lot of thinking, I came to a conclusion. Every blog serves a purpose. I don't feel that our current journey with Princie fits the purpose of my blog. Honestly, at this point, I don't know enough about her struggles to really put it all out there.

I can not begin to express my thanks for your kind comments and support. That's why I shared the experience in the first place. I believed I would be lifted by your words, and I was exactly right. Thank you.

Finding the blog balance is not always the easiest thing to do. I'm working on that.
I'll be back soon, my time-out has almost completely been served. Peace.


Rachel T. said...

There are some things in life that aren't meant to be involved with others. No specifics needed, I understand what your husband is thinking. There are millions of things out there that if you don't want to include these struggles we totally understand. You have done a fantastic job keeping your personal life private, with using names like Captain and Princie. There is not reason that you should stop that now. We miss you lots, but know that there is much that you will face over the next weeks, months, years. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I will miss you while your gone!

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

I get it. Believe me, I do. That's why I'm anonymous on my blog. Even so, I don't always share EVERYTHING. Share what you can, what you can, when you can, how you can. It doesn't mean you're not honest and it doesn't mean you're hiding anything. I'll be here praying you find direction and peace in your life.

jen said...

Glad your time out is almost over. I've really missed you. Be honest with yourself. The rest of us don't really matter. Truly.

Shauna said...

You need to do what ever is best for you! you know I (and many others) have your back. you have been in my thoughts and prayers. all my love, Shauna

Sue said...

Glad your time out is almost over, and like Jen says...if you are true to your unusually perceptive and insightful self, you'll get the balance right. I'm always somewhat protective of my children's privacy, where my "own" stuff (rather like yours) is pretty much an open book.

Example: When I wrote my first book, it was in large part about parenting a teenager who was "running off the rails." (My own son, who inspired the book, had gotten back "on the rails" by the time I wrote the book.) But I almost didn't write it, much as I felt it was needed, because I didn't want to intrude on his space and privacy. So I do get it, especially with a child too young to have a real opinion about letting her experience be shared or not. In the end, my son told me he was very comfortable with my writing about his experience, and so I did. But he was an adult at the time, and that made all the difference.

Princie is lucky you are always looking out for her.

Barbara said...

There are always things that will remain private, whether they are thoughts or troubles or situations. They are simply private.

You share that you can't share... I love that!

Thinking of you.


mom said...

I so believe that the "Captain" and you will do, individually and collectively, what is best for your family....

I am confident the ones you would feel totally comfortable in sharing any part of this journey with are not the ones that give you or the "Captain" pause for thought or concern. Unfortunately, we are all too aware of the "opposition in all things" concept.

While the "interactive world" of blogging and all the wonderful things at our fingertips are the exact tools we all use to feel connected, there is no way to filter out the ones we really do not want to connect with (unless the connection is with a right hook!)...therefore, share what you wish to share...this is Princie's life and her journey with her family.

You somehow know exactly the balance that brought peace and comfort, yet inspired others, with will know that balance with this little one, as well. All we need is to know that you are taking a path, not known to many of us, we do not have to know every step of that know you are taking this with your little family is all that those who care need to and prayers can always be there.

Just because you will not see or hear those prayers, does not mean they are not offered...just like we may not see or hear every step of this journey, does not mean you are not making day at a time..."step by step, day by day". No need to worry. "Princie" through her beautiful life will tell her own story...we will all just enjoy hearing the parts you choose to those parts, I am confident we will laugh with you, cry with you, and most of all continue to love you.

After all, "Princie" is just one piece of your story....we don't love you because of her journey, we love you because of your journey and all those you carry....

Your gift is your are free to share that gift, as much or as little, as you have always followed your heart, I don't doubt you will continue to do so...and there is one thing for certain, you inspire me, you inspire "snarkettes" of the world to have that "peace." With that said, "peace, Snarky, peace."

Not to mention, I know you...just as soon as you wrap your brain around all this, it will be like everything else in your life..."it is what it is" and Snarky Belle will come out swinging....mainly to the farleft, but swinging, nonetheless....we look forward to seeing her back in full swing!

Oh and I have thought about it....although I appreciate the encouragement, I think I will just remain on the "comment" page for now...I like all the fun with no responsibility! Besides, you have set the bar entirely too high....:)

Love to the "ettes" and love to the "Belle."

I am...Snarky Mama!

em said...

i wore your smg shirt to my church ball game on thursday night! it definately didn't give me any game, but i felt so proud to wear it, even though i didn't make one shot. ho hum, wearing the shirt made my day;-) thanks again!

KC Mom said...

I probably would have been defensive too, but you're the long run you guys are a team. You will have much better success in all that you do remembering that...I really believe it.
Don't silence your other stuff though!
You're in my thoughts and prayers.

penny said...

Do what is best for you and your family but know we will be anxiously awaiting reading Snarky Belle regularly.

shahna said...

huh? I must have missed something.

Laretha said...

Girl, you are right to respect your husband and together you will each do what is right.

I'm here when you need me.


karen said...

I think we all get it. Some things are private, and not meant to share with the world. You'll find your comfort zone in that. In the meantime, kudos to you and the Captain for being such an awesome team. He sounds quite special himself. I'll be looking forward to your return, and am hoping for the best for you and your sweet family.

K2cole said...

I will be glad to get your voice back on here but would encourage you to keep a seperate (sp) journal about your journey with your darling daughter - in the future she will like the insight and your true feelings on the subject. I kept one kinda, when Brenn had cancer (9mos old) she does not remember it, but it is such a big part of her, I wish I had written more so she knows my feelings at the time - because she most likely will face the same struggle with her children - and I think it would bring her some comfort.

You are in my prayers,

Gretchen said...

Absolutely understood. You and the Captain will make decisions that are right for you. And although you don't need it, I am fully supportive of your choice(s).

The Captain said...

I want all of my wife's blogging friends to know that I sincerely appreciate the support and kindness that you continue to show for Snarky. You truly make her happy. Thanks!

PS: I surely do like that Karen!