Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Ready to Make Nice

Oh good grief, enough with the political rants already.....ha! Gotcha. Me? Not rant about politics? Who are you kidding? Side note: I will be running a special this month. It's for those of you who think I get too riled up. Which, by the way, I really don't. Anyway, back to the special. I will spend some time over the next few weeks writing about things I am thankful for, and how blessed I am. But if you wanted to read about that now, sorry. This isn't your night. Check back later. Snarky is all over this house tonight.

Yes, yes, yes. I know I was the one who wrote that I would not be a sore loser. I'm actually not a sore loser. I'm just not ready to hold hands and sing Kumbaya (or more likely "All Hail Obama"). In fact, today I am embracing my snarkiness. I have written previously that I am no hard core supporter of President Bush; however, I do respect the office of United States President. I have often wished that people could express their opinions and the issues they have with President Bush sans the rude nastiness. I hold no one to any standard that I myself can not uphold; therefore, I will not be rude and nasty with regards to Barack Obama...come January 20, 2009. Until then, we have one President, and Obama isn't the guy. Did I mention I'm not ready to make nice? (And no, I did not steal that line from the Dixie Chicks. If you grew up in the South, you often heard the phrases make nice, or don't make nice, or something along those lines.)

Valerie Jarrett is a senior advisor to Barack Obama, as well as co-chair of his transition team. Did she really say that Obama would be prepared to "take power and begin to rule on day one"? Oh yes she did. I heard it with my own two ears. Never before had I heard someone use that tone when referring to the office of the President. Lead, yes. Serve his country, yes. Rule? Not so much. Did I fall asleep and wake up outside the USA? Apparently. Because if I am not mistaken, we are not ruled. Some may say that the words rule and govern are used interchangeably. (Go ahead, stoke your campfire. Do you have your marshmallows ready? Wow, drinking Kool-Aid instead of hot chocolate, interesting. Now join hands and get to singing your Kumbaya. Me? No thanks, I'll pass this time.)

While the concrete definitions of rule and govern may not vary greatly, their symbolic meanings are strikingly different. The word rule brings with it the whisperings of controlling, domineering dictators. Not to mention she said "take power", as if Obama is preparing to dominate the world.

Leadership, administration, and guidance come to mind when I hear the word govern. Our forefathers came to this great land to escape rulers. It is not surprising that the very reasons they came here are being forgotten. Most everything about our forefathers has been disrespected and trivialized in recent months.

Do I think Valerie Jarrett had a slip of the tongue, poor choice of words kind of moment? Sure. Everybody has those moments. But then, Valerie Jarrett isn't everybody. Her poor choice of words was simply a reflection of the arrogance and ego that seeps from Obama and his followers.

You say I'm playing word games? I'm reading too much into this? Well, I learned the semantics game-playing from the very best. Who you ask? The Democrats, the leftist/liberal media and a few wicked campaign staffers looking to score a spot in 2012.
John McCain refers to Obama as "that one".....oh my, what is the hidden meaning there?
Sarah Palin mistakenly uses the word country for continent....she's an illiterate airhead. Twist those words spin doctors.

January 20, 2009:
I will still refuse to sing "All Hail Obama".
I will continue to have concerns over where this nation is headed.
I will always be respectful of the office of the President, regardless of who holds that office.
I will teach my children to respect that office as well.

Until then, I am nowhere near ready to make nice.


RitterB's said...

It is midnight here in KC. Yes I have already gone to bed... I cant sleep. I say to myself... "Let's see if Snarky is up" Thank goodness she was because the "Snarky" girl inside is raging! Thanks for speaking my mind! Isn't it funny that people only want to play fair if it favors them... Dang Snark... this is going to be a long 4 years! I say lets all meet on a beach somewhere and fry in the sun!

KC Mom said...

You were up way to late! Ha!! I've been waiting for this post. It seems like I'm more fired up then ever as I watch everyone just jump in the Obama boat. I've heard the lectures, speeches and talks that say we're supposed to be united but I'm not there yet. Does that mean I'm supposed to agree with and bow down to everything he does and will do? I've had to listen to the anti-bush retoric for the last 8 years I guess they'll have to listen to mine. I get sicker each day. I think I need a pill. There's no sun here on top of it, so I'm ready to poke my eye out!!

mom said...

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Thank goodness and all that is holy! Hooray for Snarky!

I know I literally get a knot in my stomach when I see "that one" (until Jan.20th)waving with that "smirk"...the wave, well it doesn't bother me so is the smirk. I cannot quite describe the smirk, however the feeling in the pit of my stomach...I know it all too well. It is the one that says...."I just don't know, not sure what it is, but something just does not "feel right."
I wanted it to "feel right"....I tried, especially when snarky even tried to go a little bit soft on the whole issue, but I simply cannot make myself "feel right."

Oh well....snarky and your faithful followers, it is time to stand strong, pray hard, and gird up our loins. That generation that you "young ones" are know the "most valiant saved for this day".....teach them well, the tide is rising and God Bless them....I think they are preparing for a tsunami of evil in their lifetime.
Pride goeth before the fall.........I think I must be getting a big whiff of pride in the air!

RitterB's said...

Thank you "mom" for your comment. I remember firesides and meetings while I wasn in Young Womens. I remember how our leaders said we were saved back for these times and days. I have always had those statements in the back of my mind. You have helped me understand this even more today. I am most grateful to be a mother. I see fire in my childrens eyes as they learn and grow. We have recently adopted the most wonderful boy. I believe I see his spirit through his eyes. One of my first thoughts was "We have been blessed with another missionary."
I can make myself sick just thinking of Obama. I was last night. And will be again I am sure.
Today, I look at my children, whom the Lord has trusted me with, with a renewed effort to teach and guide them so that they will be strong in their beliefs!
Today I will enjoy the journey!

Shauna said...

I am not ready to make nice either girl.

Lori said...

I am with all the rest of you have room in YOUR boat......I would rather drown than board Obama's boat! I WILL NOT make nice.

Cris, Jon, Austin and Ethan said...

If ye are not one, ye are not mine.(to:Lori) I admit he isn't perfect, but the guy exudes faith hope and charity...and thats my opinion. I think it's amazing the way this political move continues to unite nations and I Believe that I will be a better person for supporting our leaders.
Hey Rach, we still haven't seen your house, We should get together... are you a twilight fan????

Natalie said...

While I appreciate comments from everyone, even the Kool-Aid drinkers, please do not direct comments to other readers. Especially if attempting to "school" them. Lori has more life experience in her pinky toe than most have in their whole bodies. Thanks in advance for understanding and commenting to me, not my readers.

Natalie said...

Which one of these exudes the most hope & charity:
(a.)His support of killing innocent, unborn babies as well as those babies that survive late term abortion. It is disgusting that babies who might be able to survive will be left for dead on his watch.
(b.)Someone breaks into your home and is raping you. Your husband, in an attempt to save you and your children beats the ever living crap out of the intruder, or puts a cap in his butt. Our president elect says your hubby is as bad a guy as the intruder. Your hubby goes to jail.
So again I ask, which of those exudes charity and hope?

This is not a man I ever care to be one with, and I AM one with my Heavenly Father.

Again, I am all for comments. I love a good dialogue. I can go all night long. I seriously love it!
But, let's not use scripture to cast judgment and insinuate others are not one with God.

mom said...

oh my gosh......seriously....oh my gosh! can you see me right now, snarky...yep, that would be me throwing up in my mouth...
keep up the good work, my girl!

How ironic, my "word verification is "addled" make or become confused. whoops, must be the kool-aid!

Natalie said...

Oh, one more thing....let's especially not use scriptures OUT OF CONTEXT to pass judgment and insinuate others are not one with God.

little jill said...

I've just spent a whole lot of time avoiding what I should have been doing and reading post after post and thinking---wow she is writing everything that I'm thinking. So here are some of my thoughts

a) Obama worries me because he is charismatic and a good orator. My experiences have been that people who are well liked and convincing are people who ended up not knowing who they were or what they stood for--and in one instance (an ex-boyfriend) I called him on it. His reply to me was "and you're the only one who will ever know that". Meaning that he fools everyone. He is now an attorney and has left the church and taken his family with him.

B) I heard a quote on Glenn Beck's radio program that was from some communist person to I believe Eisenhower??? I wasn't paying that much attention at first. Anyhow, he said that America would become Communist eventually. That slowly they will be fed socialist ideas and buy into them until slowly but surely they would be under communism. ---Is that not exactly what is happening??? Scary. Eisenhower had a good retort--I just wish everyone still believed what he did.

C) Redistribution of wealth. My husband heard a comedian on the radio say that his son came home from school and said that he would vote for Obama. Then the kid sat down and starting playing with legos. The the Dad took most of his legos and said that he was going to now give those legos to his friends who didn't have as much as he did.

I thought that was funny.

Anyhoodles, every once in a while I do a post on my blog called "That's right I said it" and it's much akin to your blog. You should weigh in sometime. Lately they have been few and far between because of the Holiday season.

Keep your word a rollin' I love it.

Rachel Taylor said...

Thank you so much for the blog comment, that was sweet!

Natalie said...

Rachel, it was all true :)

Rachel Taylor said...

Oh, and to comment on this blog, amazing, wonderful, spot on! I got in a "conversation" with this guy, who of course happens to be black and lives in New York of all places. I knew better than to get into a political discussion with him, but he was going on and on about how he was on the Obama campaign and how great it was to see young white people who were happy for the change.
He asked me if I was as excited as he was to have Obama as the new president. Of course I had to share with him that while I am not opposed to change, I do not in face agree with the terrible changes that he is bringing. I attempted to discuss a few of the things that I did not agree with, but that was a terrible mistake. It only ended up in me being called a white bigot and telling me how I am hung up on such petty things. It was infuriating to say the least. If I don't agree, Im simply called names.
Im not sure how Cris has gotten so confused, I do not feel united, in fact I have never feel so far apart. Even if I wanted to play nice, they just don't play the same. They don't fight fair, and we resort to name calling. I am most definitely not ready to make nice!

Sue said...

Freudian slip on this woman's part? Seems like a real possibility to me! (And in response to your question, may feel free to link to my recent Prop 8 post at


Sue said...

I can definitely relate to this one. I've been hoping Obama would keep his pledge to decrease partisan politics, which to my mind would include governing more toward the center, but his choice of Rom Emmanuel (who is as partisan as they come, albeit talented) has me a bit worried. Okay, a lot worried. And the "rule" remark you cited in a different post doesn't helped matters..."