Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Real Life People, and There Are No Superheroes

Each time I write about my daughter, Victoria, it makes my next post difficult. It is never easy, leaving the beautiful and lovely behind as I jump back into the nuttiness of this life's reality. But that is where I live, so the jump is unavoidable.

If you know me at all (even if it is only through reading my ramblings) you must know that I love this country. I truly do, from the depths of my soul. And for all of its flaws and infinite imperfections, I know I am blessed to live in this great nation. I would not choose to live anywhere else in the world. I love America.

Having said that, I also believe there is a portion of our society not living in reality. Frankly, that frightens me. Speaking generally, very generally, we have become a nation of whiny, thumb-sucking babies. (By the way, all of my children were thumb-suckers, and I found it to be quite adorable...because they were babies/toddlers. An attractive habit for adult Americans...not so much!)

We have become a nation of bystanders. People waiting on someone else to make things better for us. Just sitting around complaining. Wondering where the Superheroes are, and why they won't fix our problems faster and more effectively.

Newsflash people, we live in the real world. No superhero is coming to save you. (By the way, as I write this, my daughter is running around the house in last year's Halloween costume. She was Wonder Woman. She believes in all of the superheroes, her latest favorite is IronMan. That's cute...because she is four...not forty and waiting on him to make her world a better place!)

For me, this election year has brought to light many things. I have heard too many mothers tell me that they "are just too tired". Too tired to care. Too tired to research the issues that face us. I am sorry, but you really have no choice, you can't be too tired. Tired, you bet! Many days I am exhausted. That means we are doing our job. But, "too tired" is out of the question. Your child's future is at stake.

Some people do not want to think for themselves. There are those in this country who seem to feel that socialism wouldn't be all that bad....well, just as long as we find a cuter name for it. Why do they feel this way? Because then they will not have to think. Someone else will make all the rules, and they can sit idly by and do nothing. Ooohhh, that sounds fun. I won't have to think about how to help others, someone else will tell me what to do. Ooohhh, that sounds nice, no more taking responsibility and finding a doctor who fits my needs best...I will just wait for universal health care, and someone will tell me who I have to see. And if I don't like that doctor, oh well, surely another superhero will come along and fix that for me too.

Who knew thinking was so darn difficult? Whew,'s enough to wear you out, isn't it? (Ok, so it really is enough to wear me out too, but it's still good for us.) I just want to shout: "Stand up. Do something for yourself. Be your own blasted Superhero!"

I am concerned when I talk with someone who really does not know where a candidate stands on major issues. The illusionist and his followers have mastered the art of distraction...well of course they have, isn't that what illusions are all about? We are being distracted by the state of our economy. I am not downplaying its seriousness, I would just like for us to remember that the economy is not the only issue facing us. Once again, I am speaking generally. We love money. It is our major focus. We never have enough. The master illusionist and his worshippers know this about our country, so let the distractions begin.

I have four specific topics on my mind today, not one of which is the economy. Feel free to stop reading now if I have already bored you to tears.

The Democrats are already setting the stage for the big win. If they have control of the House, Senate, and the Oval Office every problem will still be pinned on Republicans. I am not saying the Republicans are without faults. They have plenty. Here I am pointing out that the Democrats will do nothing more than fuss about how the Republicans left such a huge mess for them. That's just not true; however, spending hours on Capitol Hill rehashing how everyone else has failed is easier than stepping up with real solutions. The thing is, you have to pull your thumb outta your mouth, and choose to act rather than sit in a corner and whine about how the world has wronged you!

Obama voted to allow the prosecution of law-abiding citizens who use a firearm for self-defense in their home. Obama supported Washington, D.C. laws banning handguns and making self-defense illegal—in your own home.

One question, are Obama's Secret Service people unarmed? Don't think so. And, if someone entered his residence with the intent to harm his children or wife, would he be willing to try and talk it out? Doubtful that the perpetrator would get through the door or window in the first place. It must be so easy to make decisions like Obama made given he and his family are protected from every angle.

But, my family and I are not protected in that manner. And remember, there are no superheroes standing by, just waiting to swoop in and save us. That said, you come in my house, intending to harm or victimize in any way, and I won't hesitate putting a bullet right where it counts. And no, that is not me being a "bitter" redneck, "clinging to guns and religion". What it is, Mr.Obama, is my very own brand of Secret Service Protection thank you very much!

Now, I really do not intend nor do I care for this to turn into a gun control debate. There are many other blogs and sites dedicated to that. I am only pointing out that I will protect myself and my children by whatever means necessary. It is just that simple.

And, just for the heck of it, here are some interesting stats:
  • Estimated guns in the United States: 275 million (roughly)
  • Estimated swimming pools in the United States: 2.5 million (roughly - according to Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, 2004)
  • Unintentional firearm deaths ages 0-14 (according to the CDC) from 2000 to 2005: 412
  • Unintentional drowning deaths from 2000 to 2005 ages 0-14: 4,993
  • Clearly the only solution is to make sure we have diving board locks installed on all pools in this country. And no pool should be installed within 5 miles of a water source of any kind. Registration, chlorine microstamping, and some way to prevent the exploited “diving in” loophole are necessary.
  • Swimming pools … the silent suburban killer stalking your children in your own backyard ~quoted from
I am no cheering fan of President Bush; however, I would like to know why we so quickly forget that he did lead us through on of our most horrific trials. You want to talk about cleaning up messes left by others? September 11, 2001 was a trial delivered to our front porch steps because Bill Clinton was otherwise occupied in the Oval Office, if you know what I mean. Why do I bring this up now? Because, as I mentioned earlier, we are distracted and lulled into thinking our only concern should be the economy.

"Osama bin Laden and his terrorist-related activities were well known to the United States by 1995. Clinton had an opportunity to capture him in the fall of 1998, but was unavailable. When he was finally reached, further consultation was needed with various secretaries. The two-hour window in which bin Laden could have been caught was lost. Says Patterson, "This lost bin Laden hit typified the Clinton administration's ambivalent, indecisive way of dealing with terrorism. Ideologically, the Clinton administration was committed to the idea that most terrorists were misunderstood, had legitimate grievances, and could be appeased, which is why such military action as the administration authorized was so halfhearted, and ineffective, and designed more for 'show' than for honestly eliminating a threat."
-quoted from

Associations don't matter, right? That is what I hear the whiny babies screaming when I ask about Ayers, Acorn, Wright, and Rezko. But these same people are painting John McCain as an extension of George Bush. So what they are really saying is that associations only matter if you are John McCain.

As I mentioned earlier, I am no staunch supporter of George Bush. Associations are a matter of character, and I would venture to say that George Bush has more of that in his big toe than Ayers (the self-proclaimed terrorist who "wishes we had done more") has in his whole body. I wouldn't mind going out on a limb to say George Bush has more character than Wright (who hates this country, Jews and whites). And let's not forget Rezko, the slum lord convicted of fraud and bribery.

Associations, they matter. They give direct insight into a person's character. There are qualities that draw us to others. It is possible for each of us to make mistakes in our associations. Maybe we are drawn to someone for a good reason, then we learn more, and in doing so we might realize the association is not a good one.

John McCain has made mistakes. He accepts responsibility for his mistakes. He is a real man. He steps up and he says, I messed up, I am sorry. Barack Obama could learn a thing or two about character from John McCain.

I am not sure what to think of Obama...if he isn't a master illusionist, then he is just plain dumb. Every time he is called out on his associations, he has one reply, just worded goes something like this: I had no idea. Well, I never knew that.
A glowing, shining example of politics as usual. I am neither an illusionist, nor am I just plain dumb. I do not, for one moment, believe Obama didn't know what these men were all about. He knew then, he knows now. Why don't more of us care?

I know, to some I sound negative. The truth is actually that I see in others much more than they see in themselves. I know people can shape their own destinies despite the most adverse circumstances, it happens. I believe every person has the ability to succeed. I want people to have opportunities to develop skills and work ethic so that they feel hope from within. So, it isn't really negativity as much as it is frustration that people do not see what they can become. If they could, they wouldn't need a masked superhero swooping in to change the world, they would become their own superhero, doing their own part to make this world a better place.


KC Mom said...

Dang hit it on the nail again.

Rachel Taylor said...

Wow great posts! What did your kids go as for Halloween? Any pictures?

Carly said...

I just found your blog on Segullah, and I absolutely love it. It's almost scary to have my own thoughts written down by someone else!
Your writing is incredible.

shahna said...

You ar going to have so much material to blog about after Tuesday. As much as I hate to admit it and REALLY don't look forward to it I think Obama is going to win. Go ahead and get a Rx for Blood Pressure meds now , Natalie...

Kim said...

amen. enough said. you need to get published somewhere. seriously.

mom said...

2012....Snarky Belle for President!

and yet, once again, you are simply amazing...great job, nat!

Shauna said...

God bless you and amen sister. If I ask one more person why they think Obama is better to run this country and they say because he is more charming and they think he is better for our pocket book I might flip out. I think its amazing how many people will sacrifice there values and the lifes millions of unborn babies for there pocket book....which is also a joke. I could go on and on but you get me girl.