Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Say Booooo to Mean People

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It's one thing to write on YOUR blog about YOUR opinions. It's an entirely different animal altogether when you VISIT someone else's blog and get mean! There's just no need. My blog, and those that I read, are not forums for debate. They are places for sharing. We aren't attempting to persuade you to believe as we do. We are simply sharing our own information. I'll never understand why people would waste their time leaving malicious, disrespectful comments. And I venture to say such behavior is highly ineffectual in swaying the opinions of the blogger you're attacking. Most likely the blogger is writing to his/her audience, never even giving you a thought as he/she develops a post. It's probable the blogger didn't even know you were here for the show. And if it gets really ugly? Well, hopefully security will escort you back to your spot under the sad, sad, empty little troll.


Jill said...

Mean girls become moms. Being a mother doesn't make you any nicer than you were before you had babies. Actually more so the opposite. I know a mean mom and that's just who she is. So I stay away.

KC Mom said...

Can I just link your blog post today to mine?
Mean people are why I'm not blogging so much lately.

Snarky Belle said...

Of course you can link. Mean people are the reason I go away a lot too. I just don't understand. If I disagree with something a person writes, I don't feel the need to be disrespectful or ugly. I just read something else. I don't need to make everyone think like I do, or change their minds. It baffles me how people can care so much about how I (or you, or anyone else) chooses to live life. Honestly, unless another person's choices directly effect me or my family, I just don't care. And I certainly wouldn't waste valuable time being mean and hurtful. I don't get it.

Sue said...

I'm with you! I just don't get it. Much as I like a good discussion or debate, sometimes it gets so personal online. I'm sure the ability to be anonymous has a lot to do with the lack of civility. I have no respect for commenters who flame someone else, yet are too cowardly to identify themselves.


PS. I find myself hoping that the jerks out there will not deter any of my blog friends from posting. As you say, they are just mean people. And mean people shouldn't have any power in the world. None whatsoever.

Frosty said...

Mean people suck...end of story.

What ever happened to closing the internet browser when something offensive or if you didn't like what came on the screen? When did it become necessary for people to call names and tell us how it ought to be?

I've been told from time to time I become an introvert, almost too quiet. It's times like that where I'm just biting my tongue and keeping my two pennies to myself.

Barbara said...

I have been lucky not to have been on the receiving end of mean comments (at least in blogland, I can give you a small list of meanies out here in real land) but no, I really don't understand the urge to be mean either.

Hey Natalie, don't go away because of the meanies, we nicies miss you when you're gone and we are far more important than the meanies!!!


jen said...

I haven't experienced this on my blog, but I have had it in life. One lady in my ward openly opposed Brad when he was sustained as Bishop, and when the Stake President asked her why, she said it was because she couldn't stand me and the fact that I wouldn't hand her undeserving daughter a YW medallion on a silver tray just for coming to class once a quarter. True story.
As strong as you and I profess to be, and as strong as we really are, it still hurts and it still sucks. Don't let the mean people win. Keep snarking. And I'll keep . . . following the prophet's counsel (?)

Aubrey said...

I posted a quote as my status once and it had 75 comments. People were debating over what it said, calling each other right and wrong, and someone then dragged ME into the debate to make fun of me, personally. My friends stood up for myself, but it was pure pathetic.

Ash said...

It's one of the reasons why I've come out of the closet, and also stepped back, for now, from political posts - I figured if readers saw the person behind the point of view, they might be less prone to attack. We shall see.

Another blogger I like has a term for grown up mean girls - Mamabitches. Love it. (

The name that is, not the attitude. I had enough of that attitude from my years in middle school, thanks.

L said... mean girl story. there was a mean girl in high school. just mean. never nice. snotty, snobby, etc.

so i went to a funeral of a man that was very close to our family - my mom's closest friend for over 40 years - her husband passed. their kids were just a little older than me and like siblings. so i see steve at his dads funeral - big hugs, condolences, etc. then we are sitting and talking. he introduces me to his fiance and says "you 2 should know each other"..we did. when she said her name i remembered...took me a minute. she was the mean girl!!!! i wanted to ask steve what the heck he was thinking. i didn't.

when we left my daughter said "when you realized who she was it was almost like your eyes said 'i didn't like you'!!!" well they did say that. and i didn't. and i probably still don't. they want to go to dinner some time. IDK!!!!