Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'll Take Mine Sunny Side Up

The Captain (aka...my husband) and I were discussing ideas for my next post.
I was throwing out things like this:
  • My belief in a flat tax rate...if it's good enough for God (tithes), it should certainly be good enough for this country.
  • The misuse of the words "I" and "me" really grates on my nerves. Correct usage: "The Captain and I are going to the store." Correct usage: "Could you go with The Captain and me?" Incorrect usage: "Could you go with The Captain and I?" Try this trick: Repeat the sentence leaving out The Captain. You wouldn't say, "Could you go with I?"....you really wouldn't say that, would you?
  • The saying is "I could not care less." The saying is not "I could care less." If you could care less, then you care...that is a direct contradiction of why you would use the phrase in the first place!
  • This bunch of clowns: Barney Frank, Murtha, Sean Penn, Chavez, Madonna, Matt Damon,etc. No there isn't one big story involving them collectively. That would make for one heckuva Big Top Circus. Individually, they are clowns. I don't like clowns.

The Captain's response to my brilliant blogging ideas: "Maybe you would like to consider writing about something a little more positive." What? Has this man even read my blog? Positive? I am positively snarky, I don't know what else to tell you. But this is a man who sees pretty much everything "Sunny Side Up".

For those of you who do not know The Captain, let me shed a little light on the man. He never (and I mean never with zero exaggeration), he never complains! That isn't to say he is overly optimistic, it's just that he sees no payoff in whining or complaining. Which in turn means I get nowhere with him if my delivery of anything involves either of those two behaviors. I love this about him, always have.

His second year of residency, at a large military hospital, was one of the most difficult years of his life. He worked over 100 hours a week, enough to wear anyone down quickly. The hours were not the toughest part for him. As the things he witnessed can not be expressed adequately in words, I do not even make the attempt.

The point is that for a solid year, my Captain went to hell and back, more than once. He would argue that point. He would tell you that those he cared for were the ones who had truly seen hell. He would tell you that what he went through was nothing. But I can tell you, I saw him live it through their stories. I saw him live it through their loved ones. He was always there, awaiting the soldiers' return to consciousness. He was there, waiting to introduce these young people to their futures. Futures that were, drastically and forever, changed in brief flashes of time.

I can not comprehend all that he saw and felt. And, I know he is the type of man who downplays all the good he offers in this crazy, mixed-up world. Through the year, he never complained about not having time to eat or sleep. After all, compared to his patients, what could he possibly whine about? I only wish I could have handled that year with the grace and dignity he did. The Captain has a gift for finding good in almost any situation.

There were countless nights he arrived home well after our children were in bed. Many mornings, he would leave the house hours before the rest of the world was even awake. And yet, our children never felt as though their father was unavailable to them. When the Captain was home, he was home. He wrestled and played board games. He went on bike rides and spent hours shooting hoops in the driveway.

He shared life lessons with our children that I never could. He taught them that we will absolutely not complain about the things we do not have. In one year, he instilled in these little souls appreciation for health and very simply, life as we know it. He taught them through his actions, rarely even needing words. They saw their father live what he taught about sacrifice, love for others, charity and compassion. He sat on the pew at church with us every single Sunday he possibly could, when it would have been much more logical to stay home and sleep.

This soldier just kept going. And no matter how exhausted he was, he never once complained. He held his head high, and he served his country with honor and devotion.

So dear Captain, there you have it. That is the positive message I can share today. I can share you with my little circle of readers. You are my hero, and I like my heroes "Sunny Side Up".


Anonymous said...

This blog I get. I LOVED it!! Sadly, most of your blogs are way over my head. You're just too smart for this dumb blonde! :)

mom said...

Well, needless to say, little miss snarky needs no reminder as to what she was once told about "if anything ever happens between you and Jared." I believe your latest post is self explanatory!

I have to agree...he is literally the only person on the planet we actually imitate opening a gift b/c his humility and gratitude over even the most simple gift is so touching...not to mention he makes us all laugh.

As they say....truly a man without guile.

Sometimes I believe he really is an optimist and that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that his mother-in-law lives 18 hours away! :) love ya "javed"

Great blog, nat!!! Worth the wait. ME and Dad, we been awaitin'!

Natalie said...

For all of you out there who may not know my mother, she is quite a kick. So, please understand when she says "Me and Dad, we been awaitin"...it's a joke people, just a joke! Seriously Mom, are you trying to undo all the good I have done in my representation of the great Magnolia state?!?

mom said...

You forgot to say...."my mom...bless her heart!"

O.K., so for all of you who know Natalie and have not met her mother, do not discount all of her noble efforts to deflate the overly exaggerated depictions of southerners. (can't help with deflating the hair, however!).
We can read, some of us can even write...and most days we wear shoes.

I am not sure how much of a kick I am, but I can tell you that there is not a snowball's chance in Mississippi (trust me, it is just as hot as the other) that "ME and anybody have been waiting on anything". After all, where do you think Natalie acquired her disdain for such grammatical distortions?

So, with that said, I shall redeem myself. Great blog, snarky...Your father and I have been anxiously waiting to read your next post!

Y'all come back now, ya hear!

Cheryl Kanenwisher said...

Well, I'm glad he is your sunny side up. You are ours.

shahna said...

k-"I could care less" has always been a pet peeve of mine too! It doesn't even make sense, why do people say it? Also, I loved the halloween comic you emailed me! I will post it later this week.

I was trying to explain socialism to my older kids this past week. I told them it is like when some of the kids make an "A" in the class, come make "C's and D'S" and so the teacher gives everyone a "B" so no one will feel bad. Yep, it is unfair because chances are the people who earned the "A" worked pretty hard for the "A" - maybe they studied!!! They finally got it!

Alanna said...

Natalie- This was your best post yet. You are so lucky to have such a kind husband. Tell him I said HI!

Anonymous said...

Your Captain is wonderful and the two of you together make a fabulous team!! Thank him for all he does.

Good N Crazy said...

Do you use twitter? I am working on a girl's night out Twitter style for election night and we would really like to find a woman who considers herself a conservative to chat along with us that night?

We'd like it to stay VERY upbeat and just talking about politics as it all unfolds that night?

Are you interested? I have seen a few other bloggers, but keep coming back to yours, because I like that you speak your mind without belittling the other side.

Email me if interested?

Sue said...

Sounds like we walk on the same side of the street, attention to all things grammatical and terrific husband included!